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The Association of International Collective Management of Audiovisual Works (AGICOA) (French: Association de Gestion Internationale Collective des Oeuvres Audiovisuelles).

Set up in the eighties, it is a collecting society undertaking collective rights management for over 7,000 worldwide audiovisual works producers/distributors and/or their assignees (the rightsholders) in the area of cable TV and similar retransmission means. AGICOA collects royalties in their names and distributes them among the rightsholders.

AGICOA is the sole entity of its kind in this market working at international level. It represents the rightsholders for whom it would be difficult - if not impossible - to exercise their rights individually vis-à-vis all retransmission operators. It calculates the value of the rights after broadcasts and it pays the royalties.

AGICOA is set up as an Alliance of some 14 organizations. The coordination center is headquartered in Geneva. The Alliance is working within various national legislative frames, with other rightsholders organisations in licensing agreements with retransmission operators (cable, satellite, ADSL, etc.) to collect and to distribute the payments of royalties to the producers and/or their Rightsholders who have declared their works with AGICOA, in the sense of the Berne Convention.

Since the year 2000, AGICOA has collected and distributed more than half a billion M€ in royalties generated by integral simultaneous retransmissions of TV channels.

AGICOA, together with CISAC and FIAPF, is founding partner of ISAN_IA, the International Agency which delivers the ISO standard, ISAN (International Standard Audiovisual Number), a voluntary numbering system for the identification of audiovisual works.

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