AIDS (computer virus)

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Not to be confused with the Aids Info Disk/PC Cyborg Trojan..
Common name AIDS
Technical name AIDS
Aliases AIDSB, AIDS-II, AIDS II, AIDS92, Hahaha, Taunt
Family N/A
Classification Virus
Type DOS
Subtype COM to EXE infector. Corrupter.
Isolation circa 1990[1]
Point of isolation Unknown
Point of Origin Unknown
Author(s) Dr. Joseph Popp
Virus image

AIDS is a computer virus written in Turbo Pascal 3.01a which overwrites com files. AIDS is the first virus known to exploit the MS-DOS "corresponding file" vulnerability. In MS-DOS, if both and foo.exe exist, then will always be executed first. Thus, by creating infected com files, AIDS code will always be executed before the intended exe code.

When the AIDS virus activates, it displays the following screen.

ATTENTION I have been elected to inform you that throughout your process of collecting and executing files, you have accdientally (sic) ¶HÜ¢KΣ► [PHUCKED] yourself over: again, that's PHUCKED yourself over. No, it cannot be; YES, it CAN be, a √ìτûs [virus] has infected your system. Now what do you have to say about that? HAHAHAHAHA. Have ¶HÜÑ [PHUN] with this one and remember, there is NO cure for AIDS

In the message above, the word "AIDS" covers about half of the screen. The system is then halted, and must be powered down and rebooted to restart it.

The AIDS virus overwrites the first 13,952 bytes of an infected com file. Overwritten files must be deleted and replaced with clean copies in order to remove the virus. It is not possible to recover the overwritten portion of the program.

The AIDS II virus appears a more elegant revision of AIDS[citation needed]. AIDS II also employs the corresponding file technique to execute infected code.


  1. ^ Isolation date of AIDS is estimated to be near the time when AIDS was authored. The time that AIDS was authored is estimated to be sometime closely before the time AIDS derivatives were authored. The earliest known derivative of AIDS is Leprosy, authored in 1990. Thus, AIDS is believed to be authored and isolated in early 1990.


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