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Logo of the Association for Information and Image Management.

The Association for Information and Image Management or AIIM (pronounced aim) is a non-profit organization of information professionals. AIIM provides education, market research, certification, and standards for information professionals. AIIM was founded in 1943 as the National Microfilm Association. It became "AIIM" in 1982.[1]

AIIM is headquartered in Silver Spring, MD and is governed by a 20-member Board of Directors.

Enterprise Content Management Association[edit]

ISO 32000-1:2008 Document management—Portable document format—Part 1: PDF 1.7,[2][3] in its Forward, refers to AIIM as "the Enterprise Content Management Association (AIIM)". AIIM defines the term Enterprise Content Management,[4] and as late as April 2008, the year that ISO 32000-1:2008 was published, identified itself on its website as AIIM - The Enterprise Content Management Association.[5]


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