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All India Institute of Medical Sciences Bhopal
अखिल भारतीय आयुर्विज्ञान संस्थान भोपाल
AIIMS Bhopal logo.
Established 2012
Type Public
Endowment INR11.24 billion (US$180 million) per annum
President Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Government of India
Director Dr Sandeep Kumar[1]
Academic staff
Undergraduates 100 per year
Location Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India
23°09′N 77°15′E / 23.15°N 77.25°E / 23.15; 77.25

All India Institute of Medical Sciences Bhopal (AIIMS Bhopal) is the best medical college and medical research public university based in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India.[2][3] The Institute operates autonomously under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (India).[4] AIIMS Bhopal's hospital was inaugurated on 26 January 2013.[5][6]


AIIMS Bhopal is situated in the heart of city of Bhopal.[7][8] AIIMS Bhopal is being established on a 154 acre land situated in the Saket Nagar area.[2][9]


  • AIIMS Bhopal is launching a department of community and family medicine(CFM) from September 2012.[10][11] The department of CFM which would offer a 3-year MD in family practice to a large number of graduates.[12]
  • AIIMS Bhopal students will also get lessons in Hindi.[13]
  • AIIMS Bhopal would disseminate knowledge, skills and practice of kangaroo mother care (KMC) among healthcare providers and parents of low birth babies.[14]
  • AIIMS Bhopal would have a multidisciplinary 'sleep laboratory' to handle patients suffering from sleep disorders.The sleep laboratory is likely to start functioning in the next 6 to 12 months.[15]
  • AIIMS Bhopal has proposed 'Gaushala' to tackle bio-medical waste.AIIMS Bhopal wants to replicate the success of a pilot project on bio-medical waste disposal, which was carried out in Jhusi village near Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh.[16][17]
  • Specialists doctors of AIIMS Bhopal would offer consultation and treatment to patients sooner than 2013—when hospital services in the premier institute are likely to begin. An ambulatory service by AIIMS specialists for the general public is likely to begin in next few months.[18]
  • AIIMS Bhopal held the first academic seminar on 21 September 2012.The main speaker at the international seminar was Dean Brenner, who is a scientist at the University of Michigan in the USA.[19]
  • The Centre is mulling over setting up a Regional Institute of Paramedical Sciences in AIIMS Bhopal.[20][21]
  • A governing body has been established in AIIMS Bhopal to decide the treatment and admission charges. This body would be headed by minister of health and family welfare, Ghulam Nabi Azad and three MPs from the state would be also included in the governing body.The medicines in AIIMS Bhopal's drug stores would be 30% less expensive as compared to market price.[22]
  • AIIMS Bhopal is looking upon clinical drug trials as an important part of its research programme.
  • AIIMS Bhopal would soon have a 1 Gb/s bandwidth for internet that will help it link with the best institutes and help collaborate on teaching and research activities. For instance, image transmission and analysis could be real-time.The implementation would be undertaken by the IT wing of the power grid corporation.[23]
  • Dr Kishore Choudhary, the Dean of AIIMS Bhopal, resigned in February 2013.[24]
  • Director,Dr Sandeep Kumar, resigned from his post citing ill-health among other reasons on June 29, 2013.[25]
  • AIIMS Bhopal formed Institute Body (IB), highest decision-making group in July 2013. Each of the six new AIIMS coming up in different states would have their own IB modelled on AIIMS, New Delhi.[26]
  • The tele-medicine facility at the AIIMS Bhopal, is expected to begin by the end of July 2013.[27]
  • The hospital of the institute is expected to start operating from August 2014.[28]


AIIMS Bhopal is one of the best medical colleges in India based on Academics, as students throughout the country choose AIIMS Bhopal after AIIMS Delhi.In 2014 a total of 300 medical students are pursuing there MBBS courses 132 nursing students are pursuing there nursing degrees.PG programes are about to be started within a short time. Being a new University the teaching faculty is highly qualified and talented with master degrees from top universities throughout the world.

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (Amendment) Bill, 2012[edit]

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (Amendment) Bill, 2012,was introduced in the Lok Sabha on 27 August 2012. This bill will also replace a recent Ordinance which allowed the six AIIMS—like institutes to become operational from September 2012.[29] Lok Sabha passed the AIIMS (Amendment) Bill, 2012 on 30 August 2012.[30] The proposed measure will help the Centre change the status of the six new AIIMS registered under the Indian Societies Registration Act to be autonomous body corporate on the lines of the existing AIIMS in Delhi.AIIMS(Amendment) Bill,2012 was introduced in Rajya Sabha on 3 September 2012.[31][32] Rajya Sabha passed the AIIMS (Amendment) Bill, 2012 on 4 September 2012.[33][34]

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