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AIX Records is an independent record and media label based in Los Angeles, California. It was founded in 2001 by Mark Waldrep, a professor of digital media arts at CSUDH. The label was in part founded to take advantage of DVD-Audio, which enabled both high fidelity and surround sound at the same time. It specializes in novel recordings, and as of 2013, it has over 50 releases available in the DVD Audio and DVD formats.

Approach to recording[edit]

AIX Records is one of the few record labels[where?] which has not released any CDs or otherwise Red Book compatible audio discs. Instead it focuses exclusively on high definition audio, using sample rates of 96 kHz, 24 bits of audio bit depth, and 5.1 channels in its surround mixes.

All of AIX's work is captured as a recorded live track, in digital form. This makes the label somewhat unusual and purist in its approach. It for example avoids artificial equalization, dynamics processing and digitally created ambience. Instead AIX opts for getting such qualities as tonal balance and room reverberation solely via its selection of the original recording space.

Most of AIX Records's releases are accompanied by video of the sessions as well as additional bonus features, often in high-definition video. The extra content is in part meant to assure the customer that the record has in fact been captured "naturally".[citation needed]


AIX Records's production quality has been widely recognized by audiophile magazines.[citation needed] Trade organizations have also taken note of the label in the past: in 2005, the Consumer Electronics Association awarded "Mosaic" — written and performed by Laurence Juber on his release "Guitar Noir" — the first "Demmy Award for Best High Resolution, 5.1 Music Track".[citation needed]

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