AJS S3 V-twin

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AJS S3 V-twin
AJS S3 V-twin 1933.JPG
Manufacturer United Kingdom AJS
Production 1933
Engine 496cc 50 degree air cooled side valve V-twin
Top speed 65 mph
Power 4.98 bhp
Transmission Shaft primary drive with chain final drive
Weight 160 kilograms (350 lb) (dry)

The AJS S3 V-twin was a British motorcycle designed and built by the Wolverhampton, England company A. J. Stevens & Co. Ltd. Launched in 1931, the AJS S3 was a 496 cc transverse V-twin tourer with shaft primary drive (but chain final drive), three speed bevel driven gearbox and alloy cylinder heads. The 50 degree V configuration was effective for air cooling and with a tank top 'dashboard' was conceived as a luxury cruiser. It had been expensive to develop and at £65 was more expensive than the 1000cc AJS of the same year,[1] so the S3 did not sell in large numbers and by the end of 1931 AJS had gone into liquidation and been taken over by Matchless motorcycles who discontinued production.[2]

Rider's view of the S3 instruments

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