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Stable release Autodesk Simulation Mechanical 2013
Operating system Linux, Microsoft Windows
Type FEM software

ALGOR Simulation is a general-purpose multiphysics finite element analysis software package developed by ALGOR Incorporated for use on the Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux computer operating systems. It is distributed in a number of different core packages to cater to specifics applications, such as mechanical event simulation and computational fluid dynamics.

ALGOR is used by many scientists and engineers worldwide.[1] It has found application in aerospace,[2] and it has received many favorable reviews.[3][4][5]

Typical uses[edit]

Typical uses include bending, mechanical contact, thermal (conduction, convection, radiation), fluid dynamics, and coupled or uncoupled multiphysics.

Materials and elements database[edit]

ALGOR's library of material models includes metals and alloys, plastics, glass, foams, fabrics, elastomers, Concrete (with rebar), soils and user-defined materials.

ALGOR's element library depends on the geometry and the type of analysis performed. It includes 8 and 4 node bricks, 8 and 4 node shells, and Beam and trusses.


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