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The Institution of Engineers (India)
IEIndia Logo.jpg
Abbreviation I.E.I.
Motto Professional Engineering Education
Formation 13 September 1920 (1920-09-13)
Headquarters 8 Gokhale Road, Kolkata, India

The Institution of Engineers (India) (IEI) is the national organisation for engineers in India.[1] IEI has over 0.5 million members from 15 engineering disciplines in 99 centers or chapters in India and overseas; it is the largest multi-disciplinary engineering professional society in engineering and technology world. It is currently headquartered in Kolkata.


IEI was established in 1920 in Madras with Sir Thomas R. J. Ward as the founding president. It was formally inaugurated in 1921 by Lord Chelmsford, the then-Viceroy of British India. In 1935, IEI obtained the Royal Charter of Incorporation from King George V 'to promote and advance the science, practice and business of engineering'.

Sir Thomas Guthrie Russell (President 1933–34) led the successful petition for a Royal Charter. Dr. L V Muralikrishna Reddy, FIE, Int. PE, CEng (UK) is the youngest President and has assumed office at the Annual General Meeting held at Hyderabad on 21 December 2014. Er. Ashok Kumar Basa is the Immediate Past President, and Er. S S Rathore is the Past President.

The Institution obtained the full membership of the Engineers Mobility Forum (EMF) at the Bi-annual International Engineers Meetings 2009 held at Kyoto, Japan on 17 June 2009.


There are five fora of the IEI: the National Design & Research Forum (NDRF), Water Management Forum (WMF), Safety and Quality Forum (SQF), Sustainable Development Forum (SDF) and Rural Development Forum (RDF). The IEI also has an autonomous organ, the Engineering Staff College of India.

Membership categories[edit]

Membership designations[edit]

  • Fellow - F.I.E.
  • Member - M.I.E.
  • Associate Member - A.M.I.E.
  • Graduate - Grad.I.E.
  • Associate - A.I.E.
  • Chartered Engineer - C.Eng
  • Professional Engineer - P.Eng
  • Senior Technician Member - ST
  • Technician Member - T

Fellow (F.I.E.)[edit]

Fellowship (F.I.E.) is the most senior and most reputed grade of Corporate Membership awarded by The Institution of Engineers (India). Holders are entitled to use the post-nominals, F.I.E.. Professors / Assistant Professors / Associate Professors of IITs / NITs / Universities / Other Engineering Colleges in the scale of PayBand–4, (i.e.-Rs.37400–67000) have eligibility to apply for Fellowship (F.I.E.)

Ph.D. passed in Engineering with 20 years Engineering Experience are also eligible to opt F.I.E. Engineering Degree

Member (M.I.E.)[edit]

Membership is also a more senior and more reputed engineering degree of IEI in engineering and technology awarded by The Institution of Engineers (India). Holders are entitled to use the post-nominals, M.I.E..

M.Tech. passed with eight years engineering experience are eligible to opt M.I.E. Engineering Degree Certificate

Associate Member (A.M.I.E.)[edit]

Associate Member (A.M.I.E.) is a professional engineering degree certification awarded by the Institution. A.M.I.E.(Associate Member of The Institution of Engineers India) was earlier called A.I.E. (Associate of The Institution of Engineers India) and was even earlier known as Grad.I.E. (Graduate of The Institution of Engineers India). By Government of India A.M.I.E. (Associate Member) degree certificate is just equivalent to a bachelor degree certificate (B.Tech.) in engineering and technology, awarded by recognized Indian universities. Government of India, in continuation to its earlier recognition, has recognized passing of Section A & B Examinations as revised, conducted by The Institution of Engineers (India), as equivalent to bachelor’s degree in the appropriate branch of engineering of the recognized universities in India and has notified in the Gazette of India, Part 1, Section 1, dated 11, 2006

As per clause 32(c) of Regulations of The Institution of Engineers (India), 8 Gokhale Rode, Kolkata, Link=>, All students (Senior Technician Members and Technician Members) shall on passing Section ‘A&B’ Examination of The Institution of Engineers (India) be transferred to the class of Associate Member automatically, admitted as engineering graduate by The Institution of Engineers (India) in their branch of engineering, and issued an engineering degree certificate of Associate Member (A.M.I.E.) with attachment to their branch of engineering and with sending their A.M.I.E. record in their state center and their local center and with publishing their A.M.I.E. details online in the website of The Institution of Engineers (India), which can be verified from their online verification link [(>Select-AM=>Enter-7 Digit AM No.=>Pressme=>Submit=>Ok]. Fee for transfer from Senior Technician Membership / Technician Membership to the Grade of Associate Membership (A.M.I.E.) is accepted, collected and absorbed during admission for Section B Examination.

Associate Membership (AMIE) Examinations [Section A&B] of The Institution of Engineers (India) was known earlier as Graduateship(Grad.I.E.) Examinations [Section A&B] of The Institution of Engineers (India), and after passing Section A&B Examinations, AMIE [Associate Member of The Institution of Engineers (India)] was known earlier as Grad.I.E. [Graduate of The Institution of Engineers (India)]

For those who have pursued a formal education in Engineering, an associate membership can be achieved by qualifying in the examinations conducted by the institution. This entails passing Section A, Section B and the Project Work, Laboratory Experiments examination of the Institution. Senior Technician Members and Technician Members shall, on passing the Section 'A&B' examination, not be transferred to the class of Associate Member (A.M.I.E.) automatically.

Since 1928, an associate membership to the IEI has been deemed equivalent (by the Association of Indian Universities and the Union Public Service Commission) to an undergraduate degree in Engineering. The Indian Ministry of Human Resource Development considers that this qualification is equivalent to a B.E. and B.Tech degree awarded by recognized Indian university and to a British Bachelor's Honours degree.[2][3] It is also recognized by the Foreign Credential Service of America as equivalent to a Bachelor's degree in engineering.[4]

IEI Graduateship (Grad.I.E.)[edit]

The summation of complete passed (grade point and grade points average) obtained in subject of section ‘A’ and section ‘B’ and project work and laboratory experiments (applicable number or subjects) is called “Graduateship Examinations” or Grade.IE (Having Passed Sections ‘A’ & ‘B’ of the Institution’s Examinations),

After passing Graduateship Examination (section A & B) a student become an Graduate (Grad.I.E.) and Associate Member (A.M.I.E.) of The Institution of Engineers (India) and receive an Engineering Degree of Associate Membership (A.M.I.E.).

Associate Member (A.M.I.E.) was earlier called Associate (A.I.E.) and was even earlier known as Graduate (Grade.I.E).

By The Institution of Engineers (India), The nomenclature of the 'Graduate' (abbreviated as Grad.I.E.) category of membership has been changed to 'Associate' (abbreviated as A.I.E.) with effect from July 27, 2009 without any change in the criteria, i.e., age, occupation, qualification, training, etc. And The Institution of Engineers (India), The Council at its 673rd meeting held during 29 and 30 Sep 12 at Kolkata, decided and approved that Associates (A.I.E.) enrolled upto and including 02 Dec 12 will be automatically upgraded to Associate Member (A.M.I.E.).

Chartered Engineer[edit]

All Corporate Members of The Institution of Engineers (India) are automatically designated as 'Chartered Engineers', and they all are entitled to use their designation Chartered Engineer-(C.Eng.) with their name, and have all rights and privileges of A.M.I.E. Engineers, Corporate Members and Chartered Engineers.

By Institution of Engineers (India), 8 Gokhale Road, Kolkata-700020, Chartered Engineer certificate holders are authorized to work as a professional practice in Engineering field as 'Chartered Engineers' with their own seal and signature; without any Government license;


In addition to representing India in the Engineers Mobility Forum, the institution has been prominent in World Mining Congress (WMC), the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO), the Commonwealth Engineers’ Council (CEC), the Fédération Internationale du Béton (fib), and the Federation of Engineering Institutions of South and Central Asia (FEISCA). It has no worldwide bilateral agreements with other professional societies.

MHRD decision[edit]

MHRD, Department of Higher Education, Government of India released an Official Memorandum in 2012 stating that candidates enrolled with IEI with permanent recognition up to 31 May 2013 only will be considered in force, pertaining to their course for equivalence in Central Government posts.[5]

A writ petition was filed by IEI in Delhi High Court for quashing the orders of MHRD.[6] Other professional bodies like The Institution Of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering,[7] and The Institution Of Civil Engineers (India) [8] separately filed similar petitions against MHRD's decision. The Court had directed that OM dated 6.12.2012 qua the petitioners only with respect to the deadline of 31.5.2013 shall remain stayed till the next date and further admissions which are to be made would be subject to final orders, which may be passed in the writ petition. The next hearing for the filled writ petition in the court is on 27 April 2015./n [9]


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