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This article is about an open-source bioinformatics workflow. For other uses, see Amphora (disambiguation).
Developer(s) Martin Wu, Jonathan Eisen et al.
Stable release 2.0 / 2013
Written in Perl
Operating system Linux
Available in English
Type Bioinformatics
License GNU General Public License

AMPHORA ("AutoMated Phylogenomic infeRence Application") is an open-source bioinformatics workflow.[1][2] AMPHORA2 uses 31 bacterial and 104 archaeal phylogenetic marker genes for inferring phylogenetic information from metagenomic datasets. Most of the marker genes are single copy genes, therefore AMPHORA2 is suitable for inferring the accurate taxonomic composition of bacterial and archaeal communities from metagenomic shotgun sequencing data.

First AMPHORA was used for re-analysis of the Sargasso Sea metagenomic data [3] in 2008, but recently there are more and more metagenomic datasets [4] waiting for analysis with AMPHORA2.


AmphoraNet [5] is the web server implementation of the AMPHORA2 workflow developed by the PIT Bioinformatics Group.[6] AmphoraNet uses the default options of AMPHORA2.