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AMPL (P-2000) class of interceptor boats are series of ten watercraft built by M/s Anderson Marine Private Limited, Goa, India for the Indian Coast Guard.[1]


The vessels in this series are 20 meters long with a beam of 5.8 meters and are armed with single 7.62 mm machine gun. They are powered by 2 Deutz-MWM TBD 234 V12 diesel engines (823 Bhp each) and 1 Deutz-MWM TBD 234 V8 550 bhp diesel engine driving 3 Hamilton 402-series water-jet, 2200 Bhp. Initially 10 vessels were ordered in September 1990 with an option for 6 more (However option was never invoked). They were built in cooperation with Sea King industries. Glass-reinforced plastic hulls were laid up by Anderson Marine, employing molds originally built by M/s Watercraft Marine, Shoreham, UK for the Royal Navy Archer class patrol vessel (P-2000). In order to meet the speed and performance requirements, vessels were configured in a triple-engine water jet arrangement and the machinery, superstructure and deck arrangement were redesigned by Amgram Ltd, Sussex, UK. The vessels were originally to have had a 20 mm Oerlikon AA forward but a remotely controlled 7.63 mm machine gun has been substituted.


The vessels are intended for patrolling the coast, interdiction of smugglers and infiltrators, and search and rescue operations. The AMPL class interceptors have a complement of one officer and eleven sailors. They have a range 600 nautical miles at 15 knots. The vessels have been based at various Indian coast guard station such as Mandapam, Mangalore, Visakhapatnam, Okha, Chennai, Kochi and Goa, and one boat was leased to Mauritius in 2001.

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AMPL Class Interceptor Boat
ICGS C-140

Ships of the class[edit]

IMO no. Name Pennant no. Date of commission Status
9050838 ICGS C 131 16 November 1993
9050840 ICGS C 132 16 November 1993
9050852 ICGS C 133 20 May 1995 Decommissioned on 26 Mar 2014
9050864 ICGS C 134 20 May 1995
9050876 ICGS C 135 25 May 1995
9050888 ICGS C 136 25 March 1995
9050890 ICGS C 137 4 September 1996
9050917 ICGS C 138 4 September 1996
9050929 ICGS C 139 16 October 1997 Leased to Mauritius in 2001
9050905 ICGS C 140 15 November 2003


  • Displacement: 49 tonnes[1]
  • Length: 20.80 meters
  • Beam: 5.80 meters
  • Draught: 1.00 meter
  • Armament: 1 x 7.62 mm machine gun
  • Electronic radar: Furuno I-band
  • Power: 2 Deutz-MWM TBD 234 V12 diesel engine (823 Bhp each); 1 Deutz-MWM TBD 234 V8 550-bhp loiter diesel center-line engine
  • Propulsion: 3 Hamilton 402-series water-jet, 2200 bhp
  • Range: 600 nm at 15 knots
  • Crew: 1 officers, 11 enlisted

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