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AM New York.gif
Type Free daily newspaper
Owner(s) Cablevision
Founded October 10, 2003
Language English
Headquarters New York City

amNewYork is a morning free daily newspaper. (The Friday edition is combined with the Saturday/Sunday issues), published in New York City by Cablevision. According to the company, average daily distribution as of December 2008 was 345,053, according to When the newspaper launched October 10, 2003, amNewYork was the first newspaper of its kind in New York City. Its main competitor is now Metro New York, which followed amNewYork into the market, using similar distribution and marketing strategies. amNewYork, along with Newsday, was sold by the Tribune Company to Cablevision in March 2008.[1]

The paper is primarily distributed in enclosed newspaper holders ("honor boxes") located on sidewalks and street corners with high pedestrian traffic. Workers ("hawkers," sporting a red amNewYork vest) are sometimes paid to station themselves near NYC transportation points and offer the free paper to passersby. As a result, the paper has had much success with morning and evening commuters.

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