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AN/MRN-2 in K-53 truck 1945

The AN/MRN-2 was a Radio Range set used by the Army Air Force during and after World War II, it replaced in part the SCR-277.


The set is a ground mobile, two course, VHF aural Radio Range with station identification, periodic sector identification and simultaneous voice transmission. it is a crystal controlled set and operates in the frequency range of 100 to 156 Mc. for use in guiding aircraft equipped with VHF radio receivers, such as SCR-522, to a landing field, or for use along ferry routes. effective range is 100 Miles.


The AN/MRN-2 is mounted on a k-53 truck, and consists of the following.

The AN/CRN-5 was the Air Transportable version housed in a tent.

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