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The SEAL on the right is holding an AN/PAQ-1 LTD

The AN/PAQ-1 is a near infrared laser rangefinder/designator used by forward observers to obtain target range and designate targets. It is a lightweight, handheld, battery operated laser device. Its maximum effective range is 1,500 meters.

The Laser Target Designator transmits a coded laser beam that is used to designate point or area targets. Munitions home in on a laser spot from this shoulder/tripod-mounted 16 lb. device. The designated targets or areas can be detected by aircraft, by munitions equipped with laser trackers, and by laser-guided weapons (such as the Copperhead) set to the same code as that of the designator. It is also used with homing weapons such as the Copperhead 155 mm howitzer shell, Hellfire and Maverick missiles, and guided bombs.