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The AN/SQQ-32 is a mine-hunting sonar system. Developed by Raytheon for the United States Navy, it includes an active sonar for detecting objects on the surface, in the volume, and on the bottom of the ocean, and another sonar for classifying those objects as mines or non-mines. The classification sonar is a product of Thales Underwater Systems. The two sonar transmitter/receivers are in a towed body which can be configured to attach to the bottom of the hull for shallower water or trail aft of and/or below the mine countermeasures ship such as the Fiberglass hulled USS Patriot. Electronic systems within the ship process and display the signals.

The SQQ-32 system became operational in 1990 and is currently installed on all mine countermeasures ships in the Avenger and Osprey classes. The AN/SQQ-32(V)3 upgrade provided new user consoles, and was introduced to the fleet in 1999.

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