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USS Willis A. Lee (DL-4) receives the first SQS-26-sonar in 1961.

AN/SQS-26 was a United States Navy surface ship, bow mounted, low frequency, active/passive sonar developed by General Electric and the EDO Corporation. At one point it was installed on over 60 US Navy warships from the 1960s to the 1990s and may still be in use on ships transferred to other navies.


The AN/SQS-26 weighed 27,215 kg. It could be operated as a passive sonar on the 1.5 kHz frequency or as an active sonar at 3-4 kHz. Its maximum output was 100 kW and it had a range from 18 to 64 km. It had direct path, bottom reflected, passive and convergence zone (CZ) capabilities.[1]


The original AX sonars were manufactured by General Electric Heavy Military Electronics. The "R" suffix was the result of a "Retrofit" by GE that incorporated improved designs derived from the AN/SQS-26CX sonar, also manufactured by GE.

BX sonars were manufactured by EDO Corporation.

CX sonars were manufactured by General Electric Heavy Military Electronics


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