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SCR-508 Radio.jpg
SCR-528 in M29 Weasel
Type Vehicle Radio
Place of origin  United States
Service history
In service 1941-1958
Used by US Army
Wars World War II, Korean War
Production history
Designed 1940
Produced July 1941
Variants 2

The SCR-508 Radio was a mobile Signal Corps Radio used by the U.S. Army during World War II, for short range ground communications. The SCR-508 series radio represented the army's commitment to both FM, and crystal tuning, and was used extensively by armor and mechanized units. The turret bustle of late series light and medium tanks was designed around this radio.[1][2]


The SCR-508 series was standardized on 22 July 1941, and used by armored forces for command and control of tank units. It replaced the earlier SCR-293 and SCR-245 and was used primarily in the M5 light tanks as well as the M4 medium tanks. It also provided the intercom system to all crew stations. It was replaced by the AN/VRC-8 series radios.


  • BC-604 Transmitter FM, CW/voice, 10 X-stals, 20.0 Mc to 27.9 Mc, 25 Watts, range 7 Mi.
    • DM-34 Dynamotor (12 Volt input) or
    • DM-36 Dynamotor (24 Volt)
  • BC-603 Receiver (2 for 508 set)
    • DM-35 Dynamotor (12 Volt input) or
    • DM-37 Dynamotor (24 Volt)
  • FT-237 Mount or Rack
  • CH-74 Cabnet for use in open command vehicles (FT-284 Legs)
  • MP-52 mast base for CH-74
  • MP-48 Ant. base, and 9 foot whip
  • CH-264 chest for parts, and Acc. (could be slid into mount in place of Receiver)
  • T-17 Mic
  • HS-30 Headset
  • RM-29 telephone patch set
  • BC-606 Intercom box, at crew stations
  • I-208 signal generator (TM 11-317)


Different combinations of components could be arranged in the mounts.

  • SCR-528 transmitter and single receiver
  • SCR-538 Receiver and BC-605 Amplifier (for intercom)
  • AN/VRC-5 Separately mounted transmitter and receiver
    • FT-508 Mount (transmitter)
    • FT-345 Mount (receiver)

The Artillery branch used the same radios mirroring the SCR-508 series but with a different frequency range

  • SCR-608
    • BC-684 Transmitter 27Mc to 38.9 Mc, at 35 Watts, for 15 miles
    • BC-683 Receiver
  • SCR-628

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  • TM 11-487 Electrical Communications Equipment
  • TM 11-600 SCR-508 operators [1]
  • TM 11-620 SCR-608 operators [2]
  • Radio to free Europe [3]
  • Crystal Clear [4]

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