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Industry Semiconductors
Founded 1985
Founder Ron Rosenzweig, George Gilbert and Charles Huang
Headquarters Warren, NJ
Number of locations

9 US Facilities: New Jersey, Massachusetts, Texas, Georgia

Other Facilities Worldwide: Shanghai(China), Shenzhen(China), Taipei(Taiwan), HsinChu City(Taiwan), Gyeonggi-Do (South Korea)
Key people

Ron Michels, President & CEO Terrence Gallagher, VP & CFO

John vanSaders, Senior VP, RF Products

Michael Canonico, Sr. VP Worldwide Sales

Jerry Miller,VP Business Development
Products Wireless and Broadband RF and Mixed Signal ICs
Revenue IncreaseUS$140M (FY 2009)[1]
DecreaseUS$-55.3M (FY 2009)[1]
DecreaseUS$-57.1M (FY 2009)[1]
Total assets DecreaseUS$214M (FY 2009)[2]
Total equity DecreaseUS$189M (FY 2009)[2]
Number of employees
Website [1]
ANADIGICS Headquarters Warren, NJ

ANADIGICS, Inc is a worldwide provider of semiconductor solutions to the broadband wireless and wireline communications markets. Founded in 1985, the name ANADIGICS is an acronym from the Company describing the product lines of Analog and Digital ICs. ANADIGICS’ high frequency RF and Mixed Signal IC devices enable many manufacturers of communications equipment.[3]

Historical Timeline[edit]

  • Founded 1985 by Ron Rosenzweig, George Gilbert, and Charles Huang targeting military market
  • 1988 Pioneered commercial applications for GaAs ICs
  • 1993 1st GaAs IC Company to receive ISO9000 Certification .[4]
  • February 1997; Company Announced their first dual-band power amplifier .[5]
  • October 1998; New President & CEO Bami Bastani joins the Company.[6]
  • March 1999; First dual band power amplifier IC (patented)[7]
  • July 1999; began production at the world's first 6 inch analog GaAs Wafer FAB [8]
  • August 1999; opened remote Design Center – Richardson, Texas, USA[9]
  • November 1999; opened Newbury Park, California, USA Design Center EETimes Article
  • January 2000; opened international design center in Camberley, UK.
  • August 2000; opened design center in Rehovot, Israel
  • April 2001; acquired Telcom Devices, Camarillo, CA[10]
  • January 2002; opened Sales & Applications Representative Office in Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • June 2002; opened Design & Applications Center in Aalborg, Denmark
  • October 2002; opened Taiwan Branch, Hsinchu City, R.O.C.
  • April 2003; Acquired RF Solutions, Norcross, Georgia, USA[11]
  • September 2003; opened Taiwan Applications Center, Taipei, R.O.C.[12]
  • October 2003; Acquired Tavanza Division of Celeritek, and opened office in San Jose, California, USA[13]
  • July 2004; opened Representative Office in Shanghai, Peoples Republic of China
  • March 2005; ANADIGICS Korea Representative Office became ANADIGICS Korea Branch Office
  • January 2005; receives ISO 14001:1996 Certification[14]
  • April 2005; ships 25 Millionth InGaP HBT WLAN Power Amplifier[15]
  • September 2007; expands research and development group through acquisition of Fairchild Semiconductor's RF Design Team[16]
  • August 2008; nominated for EDN China Innovation Award[17]
  • January 2009; Mario A. Rivas joins the company as CEO[18]
  • May 2009; won China Telecommunication Technology Innovation Award[19]
  • November 2009; won two EDN China Innovation Awards for AWT6222 and AWT9966[20]
  • March 2011; Ron Michels is promoted to position of CEO
  • November 2011; Terrence Gallagher is promoted to position of CFO
  • 2014 Multiple Massive Lay-Offs of Employees with little to no severance pay, Management maintain regular salary increases, bonuses, and stock incentives.
  • 2014 Anadigics Stock Prices dips below $1.00

Technology Background[edit]

ANADIGICS pioneered the high volume cost-effective manufacture of high performance gallium arsenide integrated circuits (GaAs ICs). The company's 6-inch GaAs manufacturing facility uses the industry’s latest technology and manufacturing processes to deliver InGaP HBT, GaAs MESFET, and GaAs pHEMT RFIC products. ANADIGICS’ products are also manufactured with its proprietary and patented InGaP-Plus process, which integrates bipolar and FET structures on the same InGaP GaAs die.[21]


ANADIGICS serves both the wireless and broadband markets, with support for all major standards. It offers power amplifiers for wireless and wireless broadband standards, including:[22]

ANADIGICS provides a portfolio of cable & broadcast products including:

  • Integrated Tuners
  • Tuner Chipsets
  • Active Splitters
  • Low-Noise Amplifiers
  • Line Amplifier ICs
  • Drop Amplifiers
  • Reverse Amplifiers
  • FTTH/FTTP RF Amplifiers