ANS (song)

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Single by Coil
Released 2003 May
Format single (music)
Genre Experimental
Length 1:16:12
Label Eskaton
Producer(s) Coil
Coil singles chronology
Live Three
The Restitution of Decayed Intelligence

ANS was a CD-R created and produced by Coil with use of the famed ANS synthesizer. The CD-R originally sold at Mutek 2003, in Montreal, Canada for their performance on 29 May 2003. The CD-R came in black c-shell case. No artwork was included.

This CD was later included in the box set The Key to Joy Is Disobedience. This CD was later reissued as "CD A" of the box set, ANS.

The expanded version of this album, ANS, is currently available at Coil's official website,

Track listing[edit]

  1. 20:54
  2. 25:38
  3. 29:39