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AOLpress Icon
AOLpress on Windows 2000

AOLpress was an HTML editor available from AOL. It was originally developed as NaviPress by the company NaviSoft before being bought by AOL. It was discontinued in 2000. However, the last version (2.0) may still be found on some websites for downloading. AOLpress was rather strict about enforcing legal HTML which did not conform to the HTML 3.2 standard and specifications. When saving edited pages which were created outside of AOLpress, code that did not comply may have been changed to do so. Today, the HTML code used is very outdated and may not display more recent websites. It does not support PNG, and this limits its support on many websites where the new PNG format has been adopted.


In February 1994 Navipress released a web browser with an integrated HTML editor, which was very similar to the first web browser WorldWideWeb,[1] for Mac OS and Microsoft Windows.[2]

In 1995, the package was retitled as "GNNPress", and made available for downloading on AOL's Global Network Navigator website.[3]

System requirements[edit]

AOLpress 2.0 requires 8 megabytes of RAM with more recommended, a display capable of at least 256 colors, a 386 CPU, 8 megabytes of free disk space, and either Windows NT or Windows 95 operating system. Although the installer is 16-bit and will not work under 64-bit Windows to install the software, AOLpress is capable of launching even under Windows 8, though it crashes within a short time after starting.


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