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Dorothy Wave, Field Marshall Stack,
General Midi, Master Fader, The Count In
Background information
Origin Liverpool, United Kingdom
Genres All
Years active 1998–present
Labels Post Music
Associated acts Kling Klang (band), Zombina, Outfit (band), Stig Noise, Hammerfist, Right Right Hand, White Blacula, Lovecraft (band), Horsebastard, Royal Wedding
Website apatt.com

a.P.A.t.T. (no set pronunciation) is an avant-garde band based in Liverpool, England who are known for a mixture of musical, filmic and multi-disciplinary works. Current output involves traditional releases of albums and singles as well as public performances and events drawing on musical and artistic ideas.


Singles, Eps[edit]

  • (e.P.) CD- Self released (2002)
  • Fre(e.P.) Download - Self released (2005)
  • a.P.A.t.T. vs Stig 12" - Vinyl CAA (2008)
  • Paul the Record 12" - Upset the Rhythm (2010)


  • (L.P.) - Lowsley Sounds - CD (2004)
  • Black & White Mass - Pickled Egg - CD (2008)
  • Ogadimma - Postmusic - 12" - Download (2012)


  • Ch(e.a.)P -(2006)
  • Bulk Dump -Jan 2010 (2010)


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