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The Smart-UPS is a series of enterprise-level uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) made by American Power Conversion (APC).[1] The units have a Smart Slot which accepts an optional interface card providing features ranging from network connectivity to temperature and humidity monitoring.[2] With the exception of the RT series, Smart-UPS units are line-interactive UPS systems, only running their inverters when grid power is unavailable.


Internals of a rack-mountable Smart-UPS 2200XL.
An oscillogram showing a true sine-wave inverter output of a Smart-UPS SMT1500I.

There are a few different variations in the Smart-UPS lineup.

Model Characteristics
Smart-UPS The standard model, supporting true sine-wave power.
Smart-UPS SC A simplified version of the Smart-UPS, with modified square wave output (and thus incompatible with many active PFC PC power supplies.[3])
Smart-UPS XL An "extended run" series, with an Anderson DC connector allowing up to 10 external battery packs to be daisy-chained to the main unit.
Smart-UPS RT A double-conversion / online variant providing no switchover delay during a power loss.
Smart-UPS VT Three-phase power for larger installations.

Management Software[edit]

  • All Smart-UPS units work with APC's proprietary PowerChute software which is available for a variety of operating systems.
  • A free alternative to PowerChute is the Free software project APC UPS Daemon (Apcupsd), which supports Linux, Mac OS X, UNIX and Microsoft Windows operating systems and can run in stand alone or client-server modes.
  • Legacy Smart-UPS (Not SMX, SMT, or SURTD series [4]) can also work with Network UPS Tools (NUT), a third party application, under Linux.[5] The software is designed to safely and automatically shut down any connected computers before the batteries are depleted.

Smart Slot[edit]

Most Smart-UPS units have at least one Smart Slot, with the larger (and in many cases older) models supporting two. If more smart slots are desired this can be achieved via expansion modules such as the AP9600 or the AP9604. Installing an add-on card into the Smart Slot will provide the UPS with additional features, beyond the default serial (RS-232) or USB connectivity.[2]

Early cards such as the AP9605 provide SNMP functionality and Telnet access.[6] The AP9606 and later cards add a web interface that can be used to configure and administer the UPS, as well as email alerting. The AP9617 and newer cards add 10/100Base-T connectivity, Secure HTTP, Secure Shell (SSH), RADIUS, SNMP Version 3, PCNS and syslog.[7] Models AP9612, AP9618, AP9619 and AP9631 provide environmental monitoring when used in conjunction with APC temperature / humidity probes.[8][9][10] Model AP9618 provides out-of-band management via modem connection in case the 10/100 Ethernet connection is down.

Smart Slot cards remain powered by the battery even when the UPS is switched off, allowing the UPS to be remotely cold-started even in a power loss situation (providing the network infrastructure is still powered up and functioning.) The cards will also continue to work for a short while after the UPS has switched off due to a low battery condition.[citation needed]

Since 2009, APC has updated their smaller UPS systems to the STX, STM and SURTD range, the old RS-232 (serial port with DB9 connector) interface being replaced with an RJ45 socket and an RJ45 to DB9 cable connecting to the protected computer's COM port (there also being a standard USB interface[11]). As stated by APC, "the new connection arrangement denotes the new signalling systems."[citation needed] Reverting the SMT and SMX range of UPS equipment to the old Smart-UPS (RS-232) signalling system requires the addition of an AP9620 interface card. Addition of this card makes the current range backwards compatible to the old Smart-UPS allowing older software and the Windows built-in UPS utility to control server shutdown through serial (RS-232) communication.

Smart Slot compatibility[edit]

AP9617 sitting on top of SMT1500I, showing differences in slot keying

Around the time when APC was acquired by Schneider Electric, Smart Slot was slightly changed (claimed to be improved), rendering older Smart Slot cards incompatible with current Smart-UPS models.[citation needed] Both electrical and mechanical (slot keying) properties of the currently used Smart Slot are making older Smart Slot cards incompatible with current Smart-UPS models. However, newer Smart Slot cards are backwards compatible with older Smart-UPS models.

For example, current (as of September 2013) Smart-UPS model SMT1500I is compatible only with AP9613, AP9620, AP9630 and AP9631 Smart Slot cards.[12]

Smart Slot cards models[edit]

AP9606 Smart Slot Management Card
Model Characteristics
AP9603 Token Ring SNMP Management Card
AP9605 10BASE-T SNMP Management Card
AP9606 10BASE-T Web/SNMP Management Card
AP9607 2-Port Serial Interface Expander Card
AP9608 Out-of-band Management Card
AP9610 Dry Contact Relay I/O Card
AP9612 Environmental Management Card
AP9613 Dry Contact Relay I/O Card (AP9335T, AP9335TH and AP9810 available as accessories)
AP9615 5-Port 10BASE-T Hub Card
AP9617 10/100BASE-T Network Management Card
AP9618 Same as AP9617 plus Environmental Monitoring, Out-of-band Management and I/O Contacts/Relay Controls
AP9619 Same as AP9617 plus Environmental Monitoring and IO Contacts/Relay Controls
AP9620 Legacy Communications Card - Adds Serial & USB Connectivity
AP9622 Modbus Interface Card
AP9623 Serial Interface Expander Card
AP9630 10/100BASE-T Network Management Card 2
AP9631 Same as AP9630 with Environmental Monitoring

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