ARCA Racing Series

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ARCA Racing Series
Category Stock cars
Country United States
Inaugural season 1953
Constructors Chevrolet · Ford · Toyota · Dodge
Tire suppliers Hoosier Racing Tire
Drivers' champion Frank Kimmel
Teams' champion ThorSport Racing
Makes' champion Ford
Official website ARCA Racing
Motorsport current event.svg Current season
Michael Simko's ARCA car at Salem Speedway, Indiana

The ARCA Racing Series powered by Menards is an American stock car series, the premier division of the ARCA. It is considered a minor, but professional, league of stock car racing, perhaps two steps down from the top-level NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and one step down from that series' minor league, the NASCAR Nationwide Series. The series is known for racing veteran and former cars from the Sprint Cup Series, and currently races the most recent Chevys, Fords, Dodges, and Toyotas prior to the institution of the Car of Tomorrow. Though some events occur the same weekend as NASCAR events, the Series is in not officially affiliated with NASCAR.


The series started as a local touring group. Led by John Marcum, the Midwest Association for Race Cars was formed with drivers like Iggy Katona and Nelson Stacy being early drivers.

The series became a part of the Daytona Speedweeks in 1964.[1] The same year, the series name was changed from MARC (Midwest Association for Race Cars) to the current ARCA (Automobile Racing Club of America) by John Marcum as a suggestion from Bill France, the founder of NASCAR.

The series races on tracks as varied as small ovals and as large as Daytona International Speedway during the Daytona Speedweeks. It is one of the last major oval track circuits to still compete on dirt tracks. In 2008 the series returned to racing on a road course.[2]

Championship results[edit]

2013 Rookie of the Year Justin Boston
Tim Steele during the Pocono ARCA race June 1996. Steele would win the championship that year.
10-time Champion Frank Kimmel in his Menards Toyota in 2013.

The Rookie of the Year award is given to the rookie that scores most points at the end of the season.

The Bill France Four Crown award is a prize given to the driver with most points at four races, combining dirt ovals, short ovals, superspeedways and road courses. Frank Kimmel is the top Bill France Four Crown winner with six titles.

Year Drivers Champion Rookie of the Year Bill France Four Crown
2014 Mason Mitchell Austin Wayne Self
2013 Frank Kimmel Justin Boston Frank Kimmel
2012 Chris Buescher Alex Bowman Chris Buescher
2011 Ty Dillon Chris Buescher Chad McCumbee
2010 Patrick Sheltra Dakoda Armstrong Joey Coulter
2009 Justin Lofton Parker Kligerman Parker Kligerman
2008 Justin Allgaier Matt Carter Frank Kimmel
2007 Frank Kimmel Michael McDowell Frank Kimmel
2006 Frank Kimmel Blake Bjorklund Blake Bjorklund
2005 Frank Kimmel Joey Miller Frank Kimmel
2004 Frank Kimmel T. J. Bell Brent Sherman
2003 Frank Kimmel Bill Eversole Jason Jarrett
2002 Frank Kimmel Chad Blount Frank Kimmel
2001 Frank Kimmel Jason Jarrett Frank Kimmel
2000 Frank Kimmel Brian Ross Tim Steele
1999 Bill Baird Ron Cox Bill Baird
1998 Frank Kimmel Bill Baird Frank Kimmel
1997 Tim Steele Josh Baltes Tim Steele
1996 Tim Steele Blaise Alexander Tim Steele
1995 Andy Hillenburg Dill Whittymore
Harris DeVane
Harris DeVane
1994 Bobby Bowsher Gary Bradberry Bob Hill
1993 Tim Steele Jeremy Mayfield Bob Keselowski
1992 Bobby Bowsher Frank Kimmel Bobby Bowsher
1991 Bill Venturini Ron Payne Bobby Bowsher
Bill Venturini
1990 Bob Brevak Glenn Brewer Bob Keselowski
1989 Bob Keselowski Graham Taylor Tracy Leslie
1988 Tracy Leslie Bobby Gerhart Grant Adcox
1987 Bill Venturini Dave Weltmeyer Grant Adcox
1986 Lee Raymond Mark Gibson Lee Raymond
1985 Lee Raymond Dave Simko Lee Raymond
1984 Bob Dotter Davey Allison Davey Allison
1983 Bob Dotter Bill Venturini
1982 Scott Stovall Lee Raymond
1981 Larry Moyer Gorden Blankenship
1980 Bob Dotter Scott Stovall
1979 Marvin Smith Steve Ellis
1978 Marvin Smith Bob Slawinski
1977 Conan Myers Bill Green
1976 Dave Dayton Tom Meinberg
1975 Dave Dayton Woody Fisher
1974 Ron Hutcherson
Dave Dayton
Jerry Hufflin
1973 Ron Hutcherson Bruce Gould
1972 Ron Hutcherson Delmar Clark
1971 Ramo Stott A. Arnold
1970 Ramo Stott Tom Bowsher
1969 Benny Parsons Larry Ashley
1968 Benny Parsons Cliff Hamm
1967 Iggy Katona Norm Meyers
1966 Iggy Katona Dave Dayton
1965 Jack Bowsher Benny Parsons
1964 Jack Bowsher Charlie Glotzbach
1963 Jack Bowsher
1962 Iggy Katona Curly Mills
1961 Harold Smith Virgil Oakes
1960 Nelson Stacy
1959 Nelson Stacy Bob Bower
1958 Nelson Stacy Paul Wensink
1957 Iggy Katona Bill Granger
1956 Iggy Katona
1955 Iggy Katona
1954 Bucky Sager
1953 Jim Romine

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