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The ARD International Music Competition is the largest international classical music competition in Germany. It is held once a year in Munich.


Since its inception in 1952, the ARD International Music Competition has become one of the most prestigious classical music competitions.[citation needed] It was started by the broadcasting corporations of what was once known as the Federal Republic of Germany. It is run under the backing of the Bayerischer Rundfunk and takes place usually in September. Winning a prize at this ARD International Music Competition has been an enormous aid for internationally famous artists[citation needed] such as Jessye Norman, Francisco Araiza, Natalia Gutman, Christoph Eschenbach, Nobuko Imai, Mitsuko Uchida, Thomas Quasthoff, Yuri Bashmet, Christian Tetzlaff, Sharon Kam, Heinz Holliger, Isabelle Moretti, Peter Sadlo, and Maurice André, to name just a few.

The ARD International Music Competition has its roots in an earlier competition. Between 1947 and 1950 the Frankfurter Rundfunk assisted this “Young Soloists Competition”. The earliest competition discovered two female vocalists who would soon take their place among the international talented: Christa Ludwig and Erika Köth. Instrumentalists included the flautist Karl-Heinz Zöller and the pianist Robert Alexander Bohnke. This newly founded ARD continued the concept of bringing together talented young musicians from the entire globe.

The first ARD International Music Competition took place in 1952. What makes this competition so unique[clarification needed] is that the categories alter from year to year to include solo instruments, as well as voice and chamber ensembles. The importance of including modern music has been very prominent; contemporary composers have regularly been commissioned to write new pieces for this Competition ever since the year 2001. The ARD International Music Competition not only stimulates competition among the many musicians but also serves the musical citizens as a centre where musicians can meet.

Anywhere from 350 to 450 young musicians apply each year to compete. Some 200 candidates coming from 35 to 40 countries make it past the preliminary round. A large percentage of competitors come from countries other than Germany (up to 86%) and this provides the highest levels of competition.[citation needed]

From 2001 to 2005, Christoph Poppen, then the conductor of the Munich Chamber Orchestra, has been Artistic Director of the ARD International Music Competition. Ingeborg Krause took over the task of organising the competition that same year, after serving 35 years as the head of another famous German competition called the “Jugend musiziert”.

In 2007, the ARD International Music Competition was in September for the categories of oboe, trombone, percussion and piano trio. The of original compositions by Johannes Maria Staud, Søren Nils Eichberg, Jörg Widmann and Maricio Kagel will be required to be played.

Winners of past competitions[edit]



Oliver Kern, Germany
  • Violin
    • 2nd prize: Bin Huang, V.R. China
    • 3rd prizes: Andrei Bielov, Ukraine
Francesco Manara, Italy
  • Horn
    • 2nd prizes: Alessio Allegrini, Italy
László Seemann, Hungary


Christa Mayer, Germany
Henrik Wiese, Germany
  • String Quartet
    • 2nd prize: Avalon String Quartett, France/ Canada/ USA
    • 3rd prize: Quartetto Prometeo, Italy


Yamei Yu, Germany
Monika Leskovar, Croatia
    • 3rd prize: Thomas Carroll, Great Britain
Julien Petit, France
  • Wind Quintet
    • 1st prize: Miró Ensemble, Spain
    • 2nd prize: Orsolino Quintett, Germany/Austria
    • 3rd prize: St. Petersburg Woodwind Quintet, Russia


Lyndon Watts, Australia
Alexandre Gattet, France
Keiko Inoue, Japan
  • Piano
    • 1st Prize: Denys Proshayev, Ukrain
    • 2nd Prize: Ferenc Vizi, Rumania
    • 3rd Prize: Chiao-Ying Chang, Taiwan
Trio Ondine, Sweden/Denmark/Norway


Measha Brüggergosman, Canada
Günter Papendell, Germany
  • Trumpet
    • 1st Prize: David Guerrier, France
    • 2nd Prize: Giuliano Sommerhalder, Switzerland
    • 3rd Prizes: Gabor Richter, Hungary
Guillaume Couloumy, France


  • String Quartet
    • 1st Prize: Quatuor Ébène, Frankreich
    • 2nd Prize: Faust Quartett, Germany
    • 3rd Prize: Quatuor Benaïm, Israel/France


  • French Horn
  • Piano Duo
    • 2nd Prize: Victor y Luis del Valle, Spain
    • 2nd Prize: Piano Duo Poskute - Daukantas, Lithuania
    • 3rd Prize: Silivanova - Puryzhinskiy, Russia


  • Voice/Opera
    • 1st Prize: Jun Mo Yang, Korea
    • 2nd Prize: Joshua Hopkins, Canada
    • 3rd Prize: Ilse Eerens, Belgium
    • 3rd Prize: Anna Kasyan, Armenia
  • Voice/Lied
    • 2nd Prize: Roxana Constantinescu, Rumania
    • 2nd Prize: Carolina Ullrich, Chile / Germany
    • 3rd Prize: Colin Balzer, Canada
    • 3rd Prize: Peter Schöne, Germany
  • Wind Quintet
    • 1st Prize: Quintette Aquilon, France
    • 2nd Prize: Quintett Chantily, Germany / Hungary / Russia / Finland
    • 3rd Prize: Weimarer Bläserquintett, Germany


  • Piano Trio
    • 1st Prize: Tecchler Trio, Switzerland / Germany
    • 2nd Prize: Morgenstern Trio, Germany / France
    • 3rd Prize: Trio Cérès, France


  • Clarinet


  • Voice
    • 1st Prize: Anita Watson, Australia; (none awarded for male voice)
    • 2nd Prize: Sunyoung Seo, Korea; Wilhelm Schwinghammer, Germany
    • 3rd Prize: Hye Jung Lee, Korea; Falko Hönisch, Germany


  • Piano Duo
    • 1st Prize: (not awarded)
    • 2nd Prize: Hyun Joo & Hee Jin June - Remnant Piano Duo, South Korea
    • 3rd Prize: Susan & Sarah Wang - DoubleWang Duo, USA
    • Special Prize: Pianoduo Groebner & Trisko, Austria


  • Oboe
    • 1st Prize: not awarded
    • 2nd Prize: Tondre, France with Public Prize; Ivan Podyomov, Russia (share)
    • 3rd Prize: Cristina Gómez Godoy, Spain; Marc Lachat, France
  • Organ
    • 1st Prize: Schöch, Austria
    • 2nd Prize: Anna-Victoria Baltrusch, German
    • 3rd Prize: Lukas Stollhof, Dutch
  • Trumpet
    • 1st Prize: Manuel Blanco Gómez-Limón, Spain
    • 2nd Prize: Alexandre Baty, France
    • 3rd Prize: Ferenc Mausz, Hungary with Public Prize


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