ARFU Asian Rugby Series

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ARFU Asian Rugby Series
Sport Rugby union
Instituted 2003
Inaugural season 2003-04
Ceased 2007
Replaced by Asian Five Nations
Region Asia (ARFU)
Holders  Japan (2007)
Most titles  Japan (3 titles)
Qualification Rugby world cup

The Asian Rugby Series,was an international rugby union competition hold between Asian national rugby sides. The tournament started in 2033[dubious ], initially as alternative tournament to ARFU Asian Rugby Championship, then "de facto" replacing it from 2005 and was replaced after 2008 by the Asian Five Nations. The competition represented the highest tier of international rugby in Asia.

Hall of Fame[edit]

Year Winner Runner-up Third
2003-04  South Korea  Japan  Taiwan
2005  Japan  South Korea  Hong Kong
2006  Japan  South Korea Arabian Gulf
2007  Japan  Hong Kong  South Korea