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Industry Internet
Founder(s) Paul Murphy, Angela Clarke
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Area served United States, United Kingdom, Australia
Key people Paul Murphy
(CEO and Co Founder)

About ARGOsearch[edit]

ARGOsearch allows users to search recordings for spoken words, phone numbers and dates associated with a conversation, i.e. the audio recording, call notes, transcriptions, and meta-data. [1]

ARGOsearch is a spin off from Calltrunk - a disruptive, cloud-based call recording and call management business that provides services to consumers, SMBs and large enterprises. ARGOsearch was developed on Calltrunk's OpenVoice Platform. [2]

How it works[edit]

The ARGOsearch software, available for computers and mobile devices, enables users to record phone calls and search them for verbal information.[3]

Subscribers store spoken data from mobiles, land lines, Skype or a dictaphone, and upload them into an online storage bank. They can then search the recorded conversations for dates, times, words or phrases.[4] ARGOsearch's word indexation accuracy is around 80%.

ARGOsearch enables individuals and small companies to capture, store and search conversations in the way that large companies already can.[5]

ArgoSearch is currently free, though a OP3Nvoice spokesman said the company would eventually charge for it. It works in Web browsers and on the iPhone, and Android phones.[6]

ARGOsearch is available in beta in the US, UK and Australia.[5]


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