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The Fourth Australian Recording Industry Association Music Awards (generally known as the ARIA Music Awards or simply The ARIAS) was held on 26 March 1990 at the Darling Harbour Convention Centre in Sydney.[1][2] Australian host Glenn Shorrock of Little River Band was assisted by presenter Quincy Jones to distribute 24 awards.[1] For the first time there were live performances but the awards were not televised.[1]

In addition to previous categories, "Best Independent Release" was added.[1] The ARIA Hall of Fame inducted two artists: Percy Grainger and Sherbet.[1] An "Outstanding Achievement Award" was awarded to Kylie Minogue.[1]


Final nominees for the awards are not available in reliable sources, hence only winners are listed.

ARIA Awards[edit]

  • Best New Talent

Fine Arts Awards[edit]

  • Best Original Soundtrack / Cast / Show Recording

Artisan Awards[edit]

  • Engineer of the Year
    • Alan Wright
  • Best Video
    • Geoff Barter – 1927 – "Compulsory Hero"

Outstanding Achievement Award[edit]

ARIA Hall of Fame inductees[edit]

The Hall Of Fame inductees were:



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