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GIO Schoolboy Cup
GIO Schoolboys Cup Logo.jpg
Sport Rugby league football
Instituted 1975
Country Australia (NSWRL)
Holders Keebra Park State High School (2013)
Most titles St Gregory's (Campbelltown) (9 titles)
Website GIO Schoolboy website
Broadcast partner Fox Sports, Power Productions

The "GIO Schoolboy Cup" (formerly the "ARL Schoolboy Cup" and Arrive Alive Cup)[1] is an Australian secondary school rugby league football competition which is held annually since 1975.[2] The competition involves high school teams from across the country (although mainly from New South Wales) who compete in a series of Group and Knock-Out stages before two teams are left to fight it out in the Grand Final which is now held at the Sydney Football Stadium each year. The competition is now televised on the free-to-air channel, Channel 9. It is the premier Australian Secondary Schools Rugby League competition.


The Arrive Alive Cup Rugby League competition started in 1975 as the AMCO Shield.[2] The most exciting highlight for schools is the opportunity for both the players and the schools to be featured in Televised matches. The profile of the competition has grown so much over the years, it is now the premier competition in Schoolboy Rugby League.[2]

Nearly 450 schools compete in the knockout competition throughout New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. In the beginning, the Televised Matches were played and recorded as the early game to the mid-week knockout competition, the Amco Cup. Then the midweek Panasonic Cup died out and Friday Night Football was born on Channel 9. Arrive Alive Cup television matches are now played prior to the Friday Night Football match and are shown on Channel 9 in the weeks leading up to the NRL Finals Series.[2]

The first commentator for the Cup was the current General Manager of Radio 2UE, Mr John Brennan. He was followed by several other major media personalities, including Bill Anderson, David Fordham, David Morrow, Graeme Hughes, Peter Sterling, Mark Warren, Steve Roach and the current team headed by Andrew Voss. Some fantastic young footballers have emerged from The Cup and thousands of other players have had the chance to both pump up and show off their skills on TV. The "Peter Sterling Medal" has been awarded annually to the Arrive alive Cup "Player of the Year" since 1996.[2]

Recent history[edit]

In 2003 and the next three seasons that followed, Endeavour Sports High School became the first side to make four Grand Finals in succession and the second to win the competition three times consecutively. In the 2007 Arrive Alive Cup Grand Final, Teenage giant/sensation Anthony Cherrington came off the bench in the dying minutes of the match intending to "charge up" Endeavour Sports High as well as gain some important metres to get Endeavor back in the match and ended up scoring two tries in the last five minutes to win the 2007 Arrive Alive Cup Grand Final.[3]

Wearing Benji Marshall's No. 6 jersey, Keebra Park five-eighth Robert Lui looked like writing a gripping yarn to rival those of his namesake when he scored a try and kicked a 22-metre field goal to give the Gold Coast school a 7–6 lead with 13 minutes left in the final of the national schoolboys competition at the Sydney Football Stadium.[3] But the Sydney Roosters signing Anthony Cherrington took care of that, taking an inside pass from fellow replacement Luke Letele to crash over with five to go and then planting the ball in the corner to make sure of a 16–7 victory with two minutes left thu giving Endeavor Sports High School the win, the 2007 Arrive Alive Cup, three successive Arrive Alive Cup equalling St Gregory's feat in the late 80s and early 90s as well as beating Keebra Park State High School for the second year running in the Grand Final.[3]

In a Grand Final not to be forgotten, Palm Beach Currumbin claimed the 2008 Arrive Alive Cup by defeating Matraville Sports High in a thrilling contest between two of the top Rugby League school teams in the country.[4] The match that promised so much lived up to all expectations and more. In a game that saw a number of lead changes and some miraculous rugby league tries, Palm Beach Currumbin ran out eventual winners and 2008 Premiers recording a 24–22 victory.[4] It was the first time a Queensland school became premiers in the Arrive Alive Cup since 2002 (when Wavell SHS won their first Arrive Alive Cup title) and one to be remembered by all involved. Most notably when Man of the Match Brody Ollard stripped the ball, ran and scored himself the winning try and the game for Palm Beach Currumbin.[4] Ryan James was sensational throughout the competition and was awarded the Peter Sterling Medal for the Player of the Year for 2008.[4] The game also featured the third youngest player to ever play 1st Grade Jordan Rankin playing for Currumbin.[5][6]

The current holders are The Hills Sports High School, who have won back to back titles in 2010 and 2011. In 2011, the Hills defeated Matraville Sports High, coming back from a 16–4 halftime deficit to win 22–20.[7]



Champions by each Season
Season Champions Score Runners-Up
1975 Patrician Brothers(Fairfield) 16–8 Blacktown High School
1976 Blacktown High School 16–7 Ashcroft High School
1977 Ashcroft High School 16–3 Parramatta Marist High
1978 Patrician Brothers(Fairfield) 19–3 Padua College(Brisbane)
1979 St Gregory's(Campbelltown) 16–14 Holy Cross College(Ryde)
1980 St Gregory's(Campbelltown) 11–9 Holy Cross College(Ryde)
1981 Holy Cross College(Ryde) 15–11 Patrician Brothers(Fairfield)
1982 Patrician Brothers(Fairfield) 18–15 Holy Cross College(Ryde)
1983 Patrician Brothers(Fairfield) 14–2 St Gregory's(Campbelltown)
1984 St Gregory's(Campbelltown) 16–10 Christian Brothers(Lewisham)
1985 Ashcroft High School 13–6 Patrician Brothers(Fairfield)
1986 St Gregory's(Campbelltown) 26–0 Christian Brothers(Lewisham)
1987 Patrician Brothers(Fairfield) 21–0 Keebra Park High(Queensland)
1988 Parramatta Marist High 14–6 Holy Cross College(Ryde)
1989 St Gregory's(Campbelltown) 12–10 Holy Cross College(Ryde)
1990 St Gregory's(Campbelltown) 18–4 St John's College(Woodlawn)
1991 St Gregory's(Campbelltown) 28–12 Patrician Brothers(Fairfield)
1992 Patrician Brothers(Fairfield) 17–16 Harristown State High(Queensland)
1993 St Gregory's(Campbelltown) 27–6 Wavell State High(Queensland)
1994 John Paul II(Marayong) 34–4 Eagle Vale High
1995 Parramatta Marist High 24–0 McCarthy Senior Catholic High
1996 John Paul II(Marayong) 12–6 Erindale College, Canberra
1997 Erindale College, Canberra 26–12 Parramatta Marist High
1998 Erindale College, Canberra 27–14 Parramatta Marist High
1999 Terra Sancta College 16–14 Palm Beach Currumbin
2000 St Gregory's(Campbelltown) 16–0 St Francis Xavier(Hamilton)
2001 Palm Beach Currumbin 16–4 St Gregory's(Campbelltown)
2002 Wavell State High(Queensland) 22–20 Terra Sancta College
2003 St Dominic's College 28–0 Endeavour Sports High School
2004 Endeavour Sports High School 16–7 Patrician Brothers' College Blacktown
2005 Endeavour Sports High School 20–10 Keebra Park State High School
2006 Endeavour Sports High School 16–7 Keebra Park State High School
2007 Matraville Sports High School 32–10 Patrician Brothers' College Blacktown
2008 Palm Beach Currumbin 24–22 Matraville Sports High School
2009 Keebra Park State High School 18–12 Matraville Sports High School
2010 The Hills Sports High School 18–14 Keebra Park State High School
2011 The Hills Sports High School 22–20 Matraville Sports High School
2012 Patrician Brothers' College Blacktown 32–6 Endeavour Sports High School
2013 Keebra Park State High School 28–4 Patrician Brothers' College Blacktown
Title Tally
Team Titles Runners-Up
St Gregory's(Campbelltown) 9 2
Patrician Brothers(Fairfield) 7 5
Endeavor Sports High School 3 2
Keebra Park High(Queensland) 2 4
Parramatta Marist High 2 3
Erindale College, Canberra 2 1
Ashcroft High School 2 1
Palm Beach Currumbin 2 1
John Paul II(Marayong) 2 0
The Hills Sports High School 2 0
Holy Cross College(Ryde) 1 5
Patrician Brothers' College Blacktown 1 3
Matraville Sports High School 1 3
Wavell State High(Queensland) 1 1
Terra Sancta College 1 1
Blacktown High School 1 1
St Dominic's College 1 0
Christian Brothers(Lewisham) 0 2
McCarthy Senior Catholic High 0 1
St Francis Xavier(Hamilton) 0 1
Eagle Vale High 0 1
St John's College(Woodlawn) 0 1
Harristown State High School 0 1

Player of the Year Award[edit]

[8]NOTE:The winner of 1996 onwards receives the Peter Sterling Medal

Season Player School
1975 – Not Awarded
1976 Steve White Blacktown High School
1977 Alan Emery Ashcroft High School
1978 Peter Sterling Patrician Brothers(Fairfield)
1979 Ivan Henjack St Gregory's(Campbelltown)
1980 Ben Elias Holy Cross College(Ryde)
1981 Ben Elias Holy Cross College(Ryde)
1982 Paul Langmack Patrician Brothers(Fairfield)
1983 Greg Alexander Patrician Brothers(Fairfield)
1984 Paul Osborne Christian Brothers(Lewisham)
1985 David Rowles Ashcroft High School
1986 Damien Kenniff St Gregory's(Campbelltown)
1987 David Danes Patrician Brothers(Fairfield)
1988 David Baysarri Parramatta Marist Brothers
1989 Jason Taylor St Gregory's(Campbelltown)
1990 Troy Dicinoski St John's College(Woodlawn)
1991 Damien Chapman St Gregory's(Campbelltown)
1992 Andrew Dunnemann Harristown State High School(Queensland)
1993 Kris Flint St Gregory's(Campbelltown)
1994 Michael Withers John Paul II(Marayong)
1995 Nathan Cayless Parramatta Marist High
1996 Chris Smith John Paul II(Marayong)
1997 Greg Keary Parramatta Marist High
1998 Peter Rose Erindale College
1999 Christian Orsini Terra Sancta College
2000 Riley Mullins St Gregory's(Campbelltown)
2001 Mat Brown Palm Beach Currumbin
2002 Aaron Lewis Wavell State High School
2003 Michael Carl St Dominic's College
2004 Beau Champion Endeavour Sports High School
2005 Ben Te'o Keebra Park State High School
2006 Mathew Mundine Endeavour Sports High School
2007 Adam Reynolds Matraville Sports High School
2008 Ryan James Palm Beach Currumbin High School
2009 Jordan Kahu Keebra Park State High School
2010 Gerard McCallum The Hills Sports High School
2011 Kam Seru Matraville Sports High School
2012 Jaden Clarke Endeavour Sports High School
2013 Marion Seve Keebra Park State High School

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