ARM Cortex-A7 MPCore

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ARM Cortex-A7 MPCore
Designed by ARM Holdings
Instruction set ARMv7
Cores 1-4(8?)
L1 cache 8-64 KB/8-64 KB
L2 cache Optional, up to 1 MB

The ARM Cortex-A7 MPCore is a processor core designed by ARM Holdings implementing the ARM v7 instruction set architecture.


It has two target applications; firstly as a smaller, simpler, and more power-efficient successor to the Cortex-A8. The other use is in the big.LITTLE architecture, combining one or more A7 cores with one or more Cortex-A15 cores into a heterogeneous system.[1] To do this it is fully feature-compatible with the A15.

Key features of the Cortex-A7 core are:


Several system-on-chips (SoC) have implemented the Cortex-A7 core, including:

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