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ARRIS CAD is an architectural CAD system developed and marketed by Sigma Design International. of Alexandria, Louisiana. It was originally developed as SigmaGraphics in 1978. It was originally developed and released on a Z80 microprocessor, which made it the first micro-processor based CAD system, and was later ported to and M68000 and Unix. SigmaGraphics was renamed ARRIS in 1984. It was ported to Microsoft Windows in 1994 and has since largely remained unchanged, relying on sophisticated Unix file sharing principles and also making use of modern operating system technologies.

ARRIS CAD itself is an architectural CAD system - noted for its information rich user interface and command system, and its user applications language - SIGMAC.

ARRIS CAD is also the base system for Builder's CAD - a CAD tool designed for Builders. It includes Automated Drafting, Instant Elevations, Instant Sections, Instant 3-D, Instant Framing, Instant Cut Lists, Instant Takeoffs, Parametric Design Tools.


  • ARRIS CAD maintains the data for each layer in a separate disk file. This allows multiple users to edit a single database
  • ARRIS CAD imports and exports SketchUp models to augment its 3D capabilities.
  • ARRIS CAD imports and exports 2D and 3D geometry to Autocad .dwg format.
  • ARRIS CAD uses 'Mouse Gestures' a user editable way of dragging the mouse, with a patterned motion, as a way of entering commands and speeding up productivity


  • The latest release is 9.5 released in 2012.
  • Release 8.0 introduced a floating point database
  • The first release was made in 1987 when SigmaGraphics was renamed ARRIS.

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