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ARTES (Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems) is a long-running and large-scale European project intended to support the development of advanced satcom products and services. [1]

It has a large number of elements, including:

  • ARTES 1 (Preparatory) : strategic analysis, market analysis, technology and system feasibility studies, and the development and support of new satcom standards.
  • ARTES 3 and 4 (Products) : a very wide-ranging section covering everything from pieces of payload to entire telecom systems
  • ARTES 5 (Technology) : long-term technological development driven by ESA or by the satcom industry
  • ARTES 8 (Alphabus, Alphasat): development of the Alphabus platform and the Alphasat satellite which will be the first to use it
  • ARTES 10 (Iris): development of the Iris system for air traffic management from space
  • ARTES 11 (Small GEO): development of the 'Luxor Platform' for small GEO satellites, to be launched on Hispasat


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