FFAS Senior League

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FFAS Senior League
Country  American Samoa
Confederation OFC
Founded 1981
Number of teams 8
Levels on pyramid 1
Domestic cup(s) FFAS President's Cup
International cup(s) Champions League
Current champions FC SKBC
Most championships Pago Youth
PanSa (4)
2013 FFAS Senior League

FFAS Senior League is the top division of the Football Federation American Samoa in American Samoa and is played on an amateur basis. In 2009, the last two round of the league and the play-offs were cancelled because the only available pitch in Pago Pago was badly damaged in the tsunami.[1] During the 2010 season, all matches were held at the Kananafou Theological Seminary College Sports Field as the stadium usually used in Pago Pago was still undergoing repairs.[1]


These are the teams for the 2014 season.


Past winners of the league are:[2]


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