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ASME BPE is the Bioprocess Equipment group of the ASME that provides engineers and quality control professionals a measurable way to specify and purchase equipment for the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products industries.

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ASME BPE News Update

State of California to Adopt the ASME BioProcessing Equipment (BPE) Standard by reference.

The State of California has developed an L (Laboratory) Occupancy designed for R&D Laboratories, which has been proposed for use in all areas by the State Fire Marshal, Chief Kate Dargan. Part of the L Occupancy adoption was the reference to supporting standards, one of which is the ASME BPE Standard. The L Occupancy has been approved by the State Fire Marshal as well as the State Building Fire and Other Uses Committee. It has been advanced to the Building Standards Commission for ratification and then to the Legislature for inclusion in Title 19 Code of California Regulations.

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