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Industry Semiconductor IP
Founded 2003
Headquarters Rosh Ha'ayin, Israel
Products Multi-core processor
Number of employees
193 (December 2011)
Website [1]

ASOCS Ltd. is a privately held company, develops and markets multi-core processors that enable software to program physical layer functions and algorithms. ASOCS is headquartered in Rosh Ha'ayin, Israel. The company provides solutions for C-RAN, multi-communication mobile devices, machine to machine (M2M) communication and the first responders homeland security markets.


ASOCS was founded in 2003 by CEO Gilad Garon and CTO Doron Solomon, first as a vertically oriented provider of DSP ICs and associated software for handsets, and later became an IP provider focused on infrastructure gear.[1]

Since 2010 the company enjoys the support and endorsement of George Gilder and benefits greatly from his vast group of financial followers.

In 2012, the company has collaborated with wireless technologies developer InterDigital for a joint solution for 4G technologies.[2]

In February 2013, ASOCS have signed a strategic memorandum of understanding with China Mobile for the joint development, commercialization, testing and deployment of large-scale baseband processing units for China Mobile's next generation Cloud-RAN network.[3]

In October 2013, ASOCS and ARM have announced a joint reference design for C-RAN SoC's at the ARMTeCon 2013 in Santa Clara , CA.

The company has made recently (most likely in early 2014 ) a strategic pivot towards developing a full solution as part of the NFV/SDN trend . The company is now developing a product it calls a "Virtual Base Station "

Products & Technologies[edit]


ASOCS' ModemX architecture is many-core heterogeneous platform targeted for implementation of wireless protocols. The ModemX cores can run distinctly different communication air-interfaces simultaneously on one platform and it can utilize interconnected grid of domain-specific Algorithmic Processing Units (APUs), controlled by a two-level control system that optimizes power consumption.


ASOCS’ CR2100 is a Scalable Baseband Unit IP MPU core, providing a PHY solution based on a CPU-MPU architecture for Small Cells and C-RAN systems.

Virtual Base Station[edit]

ASOCS' vBS is a replacement to a traditional Base Station. It uses off the shelf (COTS) Servers and software to create Virtual Machines (VM's) offering Base station processing functionality.


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