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AWOL is an acronym for "absent without leave" or "absent without official leave".

AWOL may also refer to:



  • "A.W.O.L.", a song by The Prodigy.
  • "A.W.O.L.", a song by Sweethead.
  • A.W.O.L. (album), by rapper musician AZ.
  • "A.W.O.L." (song), of the album Paul's Boutique, of the band Beastie Boys.
  • Awolnation, an American indie rock band.
  • "A.W.O.L.", a song featured on album Impact Is Imminent from Thrash Metal band Exodus.
  • "A.W.O.L.", song off the album One for the Kids, of the band Yellowcard.
  • "AWOL", Jethro Tull song from their 1999 album J-Tull Dot Com.
  • "AWOL", The Soledads song from their debut EP. The same song is an entry in the KBP Pop Music Festival semi-finals.
  • "AWOL", a song by post-hardcore band Broadway (band) from their album Kingdoms.
  • "AWOL", a Crip rapper from the project Bloods & Crips (1994) and from the Nationwide Rip Ridaz rap group.
  • "AWOL Sunkissed", a song by the British rock band LostAlone featured on the continental Europe version of their debut album Say No to the World.


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