A Believer Sings the Truth

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A Believer Sings the Truth
Studio album by Johnny Cash
Released December 1979
Recorded January–May 1979
Genre Gospel
Length 55:39
Label Cachet / Columbia
Producer Johnny Cash, Jack Routh, Jack Clement
Johnny Cash chronology
A Believer Sings the Truth
Rockabilly Blues

A Believer Sings the Truth is a gospel double album and 63rd overall album by American country singer Johnny Cash. Though eventually released by Columbia records, Cash had trouble convincing the label to release the album, and initially released it on his own on the Cachet label and as a radio special with added narration.

His efforts paid off, as the album made it into the Country Top 50, peaking at #43. Columbia was doubtful that a double album of gospel songs would be commercially successful. Until 2012 the album was never released on CD. Two tracks appeared on the God album and two tracks on the ultimate gospel album. However, with the release of Bootleg vol 4 - the soul of truth at the end of 2012, the whole album finally became available on CD.

Track listing[edit]

Side One
No. Title Length
1. "Wings in the Morning [Johnny Cash]"   2:43
2. "Gospel Boogie (A Wonderful Time up There) [LR Abernathy]"   2:40
3. "Over the Next Hill [Johnny Cash]" (With Anita Carter) 2:36
4. "He's Alive [D Francisco]" (With June Carter Cash) 4:16
5. "I've Got Jesus in My Soul [J Sonnier/T Ross]"   2:42
Side Two
No. Title Length
1. "When He Comes [Johnny Cash]" (With Rosanne Cash) 3:33
2. "I Was There When It Happened [J Davis/RD Jones]" (With Marshall Grant) 2:16
3. "I'm a Newborn Man [Johnny Cash/June Carter]" (John Carter Cash) 1:42
4. "There Are Strange Things Happening Every Day [Sister Rosetta Tharpe]"   3:34
5. "Children Go Where I Send Thee [Traditional]"   2:39
Side Three
No. Title Length
1. "(I'm Just an) Old Chunk of Coal" (Billy Joe Shaver) 2:14
2. "Lay Me Down in Dixie [J Sonnier/J Ball]" (with Cindy Cash) 2:01
3. "Don't Take Everybody for Your Friend [R Carroll/Sister Rosetta Tharpe]"   2:25
4. "You'll Get Yours, I'll Get Mine [Johnny Cash]" (With Rodney Crowell) 2:23
5. "Oh Come Angel Band [Johnny Cash]"   2:45
Side Four
No. Title Length
1. "This Train is Bound for Glory [Sister Rosetta Tharpe]" (With June Carter Cash) 3:31
2. "I'm Gonna Try to Be That Way [Johnny Cash]" (With Jan Howard) 2:50
3. "What on Earth (Will You Do for Heaven's Sake) [Johnny Cash]"   2:10
4. "That's Enough [DL Coates]"   2:45
5. "The Greatest Cowboy of Them All [Johnny Cash]" (With Jack Routh) 3:54


Album – Billboard (North America)

Year Chart Position
December 1979 Country Albums 43

I Believe[edit]

I Believe album cover

In 1984, I Believe was released, featuring ten songs from A Believer Sings the Truth and four outtakes from the same sessions. Like its parent album, I Believe has not been released on CD.

Track Listing[edit]

Side One
No. Title Length
1. "That's Enough"    
2. "Don't Take Anyone to be Your Friend"    
3. "Jesus in My Soul"    
4. "Newborn Man"    
5. "I'll Have a New Life"    
6. "This Train"    
7. "I Was There When it Happened"    
Side Two
No. Title Length
1. "Lay Me Down in Dixie"    
2. "Strange Things Happen Every Day"    
3. "You'll Get Yours and I'll Get Mine"    
4. "Didn't it Rain"    
5. "He Touched Me"    
6. "Way Worn Traveler"    
7. "I'm Gonna Try to be That Way"