A Buck or Two

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A Buck or Two
Type Dollar store
Industry Retail
Founded 1988
Headquarters Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
Products Party, Cards, Wrap, Seasonal, Housewares, Confectionery
Website www.buckortwo.com

A Buck or Two is a Canadian-owned and -operated chain of specialty retail stores that sell party supplies, cards and wrap, school supplies, toys and crafts, seasonal items, housewares etc. and other essentials since 1990.

Merchandise is mostly priced at $2.00 or less, and consists of both new merchandise (usually imported, though sometimes of Canadian origin) and closeouts. Cheaper items are often priced in multiples (two for $1, three for $1, etc.)

It has 49 locations across Canada:

  • Alberta (7)
  • British Columbia (5)
  • Manitoba (1)
  • Newfoundland (9)
  • Ontario (27)

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