A Collection (Third Eye Blind album)

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A Collection
Greatest hits album by Third Eye Blind
Released July 18, 2006 (2006-07-18)
Recorded 1997-2003, various locations
Genre Alternative rock
Length 79:11
Label Rhino/WEA
Producer Various
Third Eye Blind chronology
Out of the Vein
A Collection
Red Star
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]

A Collection is a greatest hits album by Third Eye Blind, released July 18, 2006. The album contains all of their singles (with the exception of "Anything"), a handful of fan and band favorites, as well as three unreleased-via-LP songs: "Tattoo of the Sun", "My Time in Exile" and "Slow Motion" (with lyrics). The package also includes liner notes from renowned rock writer James Hunter and track-by-track commentary from Stephan Jenkins.

A Collection peaked at #103 on the Billboard 200, staying on the chart for three weeks.[2]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Original Album Length
1. "Semi-Charmed Life"   Third Eye Blind 4:28
2. "Losing a Whole Year"   Third Eye Blind 3:20
3. "How's It Going to Be"   Third Eye Blind 4:12
4. "Jumper"   Third Eye Blind 4:32
5. "Graduate"   Third Eye Blind 3:11
6. "Never Let You Go"   Blue 3:57
7. "Deep Inside of You"   Blue 4:12
8. "10 Days Late"   Blue 3:06
9. "Blinded"   Out of the Vein 4:23
10. "Crystal Baller"   Out of the Vein 4:15
11. "Forget Myself"   Out of the Vein 4:13
12. "Can't Get Away"   Out of the Vein 3:46
13. "Motorcycle Drive By"   Third Eye Blind 4:24
14. "My Time In Exile"   menu song of DVD that came with the special edition of Out of the Vein; also was a Japanese edition bonus track on the CD 3:17
15. "Palm Reader"   Out of the Vein 4:55
16. "Tattoo of the Sun"   B-side to "Semi-Charmed Life" 4:16
17. "Wounded"   Blue 4:52
18. "God of Wine"   Third Eye Blind 5:19
19. "Slow Motion"   instrumentally edited on Blue 4:33
Total length:

Rejected options[edit]

An acoustic version of the only Third Eye Blind single that didn't make the cut, "Anything", was originally going to be included, but was replaced (most likely due to its short-length and to even the amount of songs from each album) by "Can't Get Away". Remixes of "Losing a Whole Year" and "Graduate" were originally going to be included, as well as a 1995 demo version of "Semi-Charmed Life", but all the original studio recordings were chosen instead (most likely done in order to appeal to a traditional audience rather than fans). The tracklist was also in a different order:[3]

  1. "Semi-Charmed Life"
  2. "Losing A Whole Year"
  3. "How's It Going To Be"
  4. "Jumper"
  5. "Graduate" (Remix)
  6. "Tattoo Of The Sun"
  7. "Never Let You Go"
  8. "Deep Inside Of You"
  9. "Anything" (Acoustic)
  10. "10 Days Late"
  11. "Blinded"
  12. "Crystal Baller"
  13. "My Time In Exile" (Japan Bonus Track)
  14. "God Of Wine"
  15. "Motorcycle Drive By"
  16. "Forget Myself"
  17. "Wounded"
  18. "Palm Reader"
  19. "Slow Motion" (With Lyrics)


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