A Doll's House (1973 Losey film)

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A Doll's House
A Doll's House VideoCover.jpeg
Directed by Joseph Losey
Produced by Joseph Losey
Richard F. Dalton
Written by Henrik Ibsen
David Mercer
Starring Jane Fonda
Edward Fox
Trevor Howard
Music by Michel Legrand
Cinematography Gerry Fisher
Edited by Reginald Beck
Distributed by 3DD Entertainment
American Broadcasting Company
Telstar Video Entertainment
Release dates
October 1, 1973 (US)
Running time
106 min.
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Budget $900,000

A Doll's House is a 1973 Franco-British film directed by Joseph Losey, based on the same play by Henrik Ibsen. It went directly to television and premiered in the United States on the American Broadcasting Company. It was screened at the 1973 Cannes Film Festival, but wasn't entered into the main competition.[1] It was one of two versions of Ibsen's play; the other, a film version for movie houses, starred Claire Bloom and Anthony Hopkins.


The main character of this film is Nora Helmer, a simple woman married to a working man, the straight but authoritarian Torvald. Years before, they married out of love. Now, between Nora's desire for freedom and Torvald's strictness, serious sexual friction is threatening their relationship, including actions from their past which could lead to tragedy.



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