A Flood in Baath Country

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A Flood in Baath Country
طوفان في بلد البعث
Directed by Omar Amiralay
Produced by ARTE France - AMI'P
Narrated by Omar Amiralay
Cinematography Meyar Roumi
Edited by Chantal Piquet
Distributed by AMIP
Release date(s) 2003
Running time 48 minutes
Country France
Language Arabic, French and English subtitles

A Flood in Baath Country (Arabic: طوفان في بلد البعث‎) is a Syrian documentary film by the director Omar Amiralay.

The documentary explores the implications of Baath Party policies in Syria. Without commentary or criticism, Amiralay's film exposes Baath party propaganda and its debilitating effects on the people of al-Mashi village, 400 kilometers (250 mi) northeast of Damascus. The film moves slowly from students to teachers to government officials, with everyone reciting exactly the same praise for the president and slogans glorifying the Baath party. The film is a harsh indictment of the regime, portraying the devastating effects of 35 years of rigid Baath party rule on Syrian society.

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