A Glimpse of Stocking

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A Glimpse of Stocking
Compilation album by Saint Etienne
Released November 26, 2010
Recorded 1993–2010
Genre Alternative rock
Label Foreign Office – 007
Saint Etienne chronology
London Conversations
A Glimpse of Stocking
Words and Music by Saint Etienne

A Glimpse of Stocking is a fan club only release by Saint Etienne. It includes every Christmas song recorded by the band and contains seven exclusive new songs.[1] "Gonna Have A Party", "Welcome Home", "Snowbound on the Southbank", "Fireside Favourite", "No Cure for the Common Christmas", "Wintertime Love" and "Unwrap Me" are exclusive to this record.[2]

It was given a wider digital only release on November 14, 2011.[3]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Gonna Have A Party"   Cracknell, Stanley, Wiggs 3:23
2. "21st Century Christmas"   Brady, Murphy 3:51
3. "Driving Home for Christmas"   Rea 2:31
4. "Welcome Home"   Cracknell, Stanley, Wiggs 3:21
5. "Snowbound on the Southbank"   Stanley, Wiggs 1:48
6. "My Christmas Prayer"   Fury 3:27
7. "I Don't Intend to Spend Christmas Without You"   Guryan 2:40
8. "Come On Christmas"   Catt, Cracknell, Stanley, Wiggs 1:40
9. "Through The Winter"   Stanley, Wiggs 3:51
10. "I Was Born on Christmas Day"   Catt, Stanley, Wiggs 3:12
11. "Fireside Favourite"   Stanley, Wiggs 2:08
12. "No Cure for the Common Christmas"   Catt, Cracknell, Stanley, Wiggs 4:31
13. "Wintertime Love"   Morrison, Krieger, Densmore, Manzarek 2:26
14. "Unwrap Me"   Catt, Cracknell, Stanley, Wiggs 2:09
15. "Snow"   Newman 2:51


The record is limited to 3000 copies and comes in three different versions :[4]

  1. the standard 15-track version
  2. the standard 15-track version with a signed Christmas card
  3. the standard 15-track version with a signed Christmas card and a second disc containing an exclusive personalised track, including the purchaser's name in the lyrics.


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