A Golden Christmas

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A Golden Christmas
Directed by John Murlowski
Written by Jay Cipriani
Starring Andrea Roth
Nicholas Brendon
Country United States
Language English
Original channel Ion Television
Release date
  • December 13, 2009 (2009-12-13)
Running time 95 minutes

A Golden Christmas is a 2009 Christmas romance film starring Andrea Roth and Nicholas Brendon. The film premiered on December 13, 2009 as Ion Television's first original film.[1]


One summer a long time ago, a little girl and boy, Jessica and Michael, were brought together by a very special dog (a golden retriever). They played in the nearby woods all summer long; it was puppy love, and Michael pledged his love to Jessica. After the summer ended, they never saw each other again.

Jessica, now a recently widowed successful lawyer with a young son, is looking to unwind. She decides she needs to start over and move back to her home town. She hopes to buy her now retired parents house as a Christmas surprise. However, her plan goes awry when she discovers her parents have already sold it, to a man Jessica finds annoying, after he follows a wandering dog (a golden retriever) into their house one night. He is Michael, but, as they are now much older, neither recognize the other. She schemes to get the house back for herself, including 'sabotaging' the sale of his old house, but in the end, she realizes it would be nicer for Michael and his young daughter if she buys his house to make up for her 'sabotage', so that he can close on the purchase of the new place.

After a Christmas party and some revealed 'clues' as to Michael and Jessica's history, Michael's now adopted dog disappears. Michael and Jessica, both remembering their youthful adventures in the woods, go to look for it. They find the dog, and in the woods the two realize and remember each other from their childhood. They kiss while the golden retriever has puppies.

Jessica helps Michael move into his new house. At the end the golden retriever runs happily into the woods, as Michael and Jessica watch. It is left for them, and the viewer, to decide whether the dog is 'magical'.



Two 'almost'-sequels were made:

  • 3 Holiday Tails (aka A Golden Christmas:The Second Tail), a 'direct-to-DVD' in 2011 (which included only Mills and Davison from the cast above), involving a young post-college couple reuniting due to 'interference' run by several golden retrievers, and a sub-plot, again having two pre-teens becoming good friends.[2]
  • A Golden Christmas 3, a TV film released in Nov 2012, with childhood friends reuniting in love, due again to 'magical' circumstance involving several golden retrievers.[3]

Neither did as well as the original film.


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