A Heart So White

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A Heart So White
Author Javier Marías
Original title Corazón tan blanco
Translator Margaret Jull Costa
Country Spain
Language Spanish
Genre Novel
Publisher Editorial Anagrama S.A., Barcelona
Publication date
Published in English
1995 (The Harvill Press)
Media type Print
OCLC 52084231

A Heart So White by Javier Marías was first published in Spain in 1992 (original title Corazón tan blanco.) Margaret Jull Costa's English translation was first published by The Harvill Press in 1995. The book received the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award in 1997. An edition was published by Penguin Books in 2012, with an introduction by Jonathan Coe.[1]


The unnamed narrator seeks to use his newly-wed wife to uncover the murky past of his father's previous marriages.


Called "dazzling" by The Times Literary Supplement[citation needed] and "a landmark by a genuine artist" by Le Monde[citation needed], A Heart So White won the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award[citation needed] and was rated by El Pais as "his best and most ambitious novel.[citation needed]"


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