A Kung Ngam

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A Kung Ngam and Shaukeiwan Typhoon Shelter.
The mountain is named A Kung Ngam in Shau Kei Wan.
Tam Kung Temple in A Kung Ngam.

A Kung Ngam (Chinese: 阿公岩) is a village and an area in northeast Shau Kei Wan in the north of Hong Kong Island, in Hong Kong. It contains a fish terminal market, several temples and the Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence.


A Kung literally means maternal grandfather or old man in Cantonese while Ngam means rock, but in the case of this place name, "A Kung" refers to Tam Kung, a sea deity who the quarry workers believed in. A temple dedicated to Tam Kung is located in A Kung Ngam.


A Kung Ngam was a rock quarry in the 19th century, and the area was predominantly inhabited by quarry workers who immigrated from Huizhou and Chaozhou.

A fire broke out in the early morning of 31 October 2005. Some ten houses in the village were burnt.

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