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A Low Hum is the on-going project founded by photographer and music impresario Blink (born Ian Jorgensen), and is based in Wellington, New Zealand. Under the umbrella A LOW HUM, Blink organises tours, releases records, makes music videos, organises one-off events/festivals and publishes magazines and books. As of 2009, A Low Hum has organised and supported tours for over seventy musical acts from New Zealand, USA, Australia and beyond.

In 2006, tours occurred every month and comprised between two and four rising Kiwi bands who played venues and gigs in about a dozen New Zealand locales along the way. In conjunction with each tour, A Low Hum published an A5 magazine, usually including a feature album or EP (often unreleased material by bands) and a music compilation CD with songs by local and international acts.

In 2006, A Low Hum also began publishing "Local Knowledge", a comprehensive guide for bands wanting to tour New Zealand and engage with the music industry.

In 2007, A Low Hum entered new territory as the producer of a major new live music festival, Camp A Low Hum (CALH), held on a large rural campsite close to Wainuiomata, 30 minutes drive north of Wellington. Attended by an intimate 350 campers, 49 bands performed 3, 4 and 5 February . In 2008 the festival spanned a total of four days featuring over 60 bands and doubling in audience numbers to around 700, according to Blink, the maximum capacity. The 2009 event sold out a month before the event, though capacity was limited to only 800 people. The 2010 event has been renamed Campus A Low Hum and has relocated to an unused agricultural college outside the town of Bulls in the North Island. Regarding changes to the format of the festival, Blink has said:

I have retained everything that was special about the Camp A Low Hum philosophy: intimate performances, small crowds, multiple environments, renegade performances, no band announcements, multiple performances by bands, spontaneous party action – and taken it bak 2 skool and added a whole bunch of new concepts to make it a brand new experience.[1]

In 2007, after having released music for a few years in conjunction with its magazine, A Low Hum ventured further into the territories of a traditional record label by starting a monthly subscription-based CDR singles club and releasing albums by local New Zealand artists, Disasteradio, Over the Atlantic and The Enright House.

in 2008, A Low Hum released a trilogy of free digital download EPs by up and coming NZ recordings artists; Secret Knives, Mount Pleasant and Red Steers

In 2009 Blink from A Low Hum tour managed Disasteradio around the World as well as worked on the next phase of his music festival series, renamed to Campus A Low Hum

In 2010 Blink is working on a documentary of the first three Camps, and is working on the follow-up to his 2006 book "Local Knowledge" April 2010, As reported by the Creative Freedom Foundation, A Low Hum announced it has ditched CDs for future releases and is planning on mainly only releasing Mp3s with accompanying artwork.[2]

A LOW HUM Tours[edit]

Bands whom Blink/A Low Hum have toured around NZ and the World

Degrees K & Ejector (September 2003)[3]
Batrider (April 2004)[4]
Ghostplane (May 2004)
The Fanatics and Disasteradio (June 2004)
Degrees K (July 2004)[5]
The Accelerants (August 2004)[6]
The Phoenix Foundation, Cassette, Phelps and Munro (October 2004)[7]
Cortina, Coolies, Disasteradio, Golden Axe (November 2004)[8]
Gerling (December 2004)
Shocking Pinks, The Inkling (March 2005)[9]
Connan and the Mockasins, The Chandeliers, Hot Swiss Mistress (April 2005)[10]
Ghostplane, Mestar (August 2005)
So So Modern, Teen Wolf (November 2005)[11]
Die! Die! Die!, French Horns, Yokel Ono, The Vacants (February 2006)[12]
Connan and the Mockasins, Whipping Cats, Gran Prix (March 2006)[13]
The Reduction Agents, Over the Atlantic, The Undercurrents (April 2006)[14]
Disasteradio, Kill Surf City, Voom (May 2006)[15]
The Sneaks, The Shaky Hands, Thought Creature (June 2006)[16]
Jakob, Operation Rolling Thunder, City City City (August 2006)
So So Modern, Collapsing Cities, Alps, Frase+Bri (September 2006)[17]
The Ruby Suns, Odessa, The Bengal Lights (October 2006)[18]
Rock and Roll Machine, The Mysterious Tapeman, The Bloody Souls, Don Julio and the Hispanic Mechanic (November 2006)
Ghosptlane, Signer, Phelps and Munro, Diasasteradio, Frase+Bri (December 2006)
So So Modern, My Disco, Disasteradio, Frase+Bri (February 2007)
The Evens (February 2007)
So So Modern, Cut Off Your Hands (July 2007)[19]
Yacht, Panther (August 2007)[20]
The Enright House, Thought Creature, Little Pictures (band), Get Set Play (September 2007)
Disasteradio (October 2007)
Over the Atlantic (April–September 2008) - World Tour - USA, England, Scotland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand
Disasteradio (April–September 2009) - World Tour - USA, England, Scotland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Belgium, Austria, Australia, New Zealand

Camp A Low Hum[edit]

2007 - Brookfields Outdoor Education Centre, Wainuiomata. 3-5 Feb[edit]

2007 Line-up:

Actor/Model, Bang! Bang! Aids!, Batrider, Birthglow, The Bonnie Scarletts, Captain Sergeant Major, Collapsing Cities, Coolies, Cortina, The Cosbys, The Deadly Deaths, Disasteradio (Lower Hutt), The Enright House, Flick, Frase+Bri, Get Set Play, Ghostplane, Ginger Brown, Girlfriend, The Gladeyes, Goldenaxe, Grayson Gilmour, Holidays With Friends, The Inkling, Kill Surf City, Ladybird, Lester Osborne a.k.a. Liam Finn, Operation Rolling Thunder, Over The Atlantic, MC Stormtroopa, Not So Experimental, Phelps and Munro, Pig Out, Polka Dot Dot Dot, Pumice, The Rise and Demise, Shaft, The Shocking Pinks, The Shrugs, Signer, The Situations, The Sneaks, So So Modern, Thought Creature, Tiger Tones, Tommy Ill, Vacants, The Whipping Cats[21][22]

2008 - Tatum Park, Ohau. 2-5 Feb[edit]

2008 Official Line-up:

Alphabethead (Wellington), Bang! Bang! Aids! (Melbourne), Bang! Bang! Eche! (Christchurch), Batrider (London/Aus), Big Flip The Massive (Napier), Black Market Art (Christchurch), Brand New Math (Auckland), The Brunettes (Auckland/New York), Boss Christ (Palmerston North), Cassette (Melbourne/Wellington), The Conjurors (Auckland), Connan and the Mockasins (London/NZ), The Cosbys (Auckland), Cosmic Rays Of Death (Auckland), The Damned Evangelist (Lyttelton), Death In Gaza (Auckland), Desktop Icons (Auckland), Dick Dynamite And The Doppelgangers (Hamilton), Die! Die! Die! (Dunedin), Disasteradio (Lower Hutt/The Future), Disciples Of Macca (Auckland), The Enright House (Christchurch), The Family Cactus (Wellington), Fighting The Shakes (Wellington), Frase+Bri (Christchurch), Hot Swiss Mistress (Wairarapa), Kittyhawke (Auckland), KOTAC (Dunedin), Ladybird (France), Lawrence Arabia (London/NZ), Liam Finn (Auckland), Little Pictures (Wellington), Los Hories (Auckland), Mean Street (Auckland), Oi! Boy (Auckland/UK), Onanon (Dunedin), The Phoenix Foundation (Wellington), Pikelet (Melbourne), Popolice (Melbourne), The Ragamuffin Children (Christchurch), Raised By Wolves (Wellington), The Reduction Agents (Auckland), The Ruby Suns (Auckland), Samuel Flynn Scott (Wellington), Seth & Merle (Wellington), Sets Of 57 (Wanganui), Shaun K Anderson (Wellington), Sheba Williams (Wellington), Signer (Wellington), Smokin' Hot Bitch (Melbourne), Somethingorother (Melbourne), Sora Shima (Hamilton), Steve Abel & The Chrysalids (Auckland), The Tape Men (Wellington), Teen Wolf (Auckland), Thought Creature (Wellington), Tiger Tones (Christchurch), Tourettes (Auckland). Trans Am (USA)[23][24][25][26][27]

2009 - Homedale, 6–8 February[edit]

2009 Official Line-up:

Actor Slash Model (Melbourne), Alphabethead (Wellington), Bachelorette (Christchurch), Baseball (Melbourne), Bang! Bang! Eche! (Christchurch), Basketball Nightmare (Wellington), Big Flip The Massive (Napier), Bonaparte (Germany), The Crayon Fields (Melbourne), Damsels (Hamilton), Disasteradio (Wellington), The E.L.F. (Sydney), The Family Cactus (wellington), The Finn Family Band (Liam, Niel and Elroy Finn), Guy Blackman (Melbourne), Justice Yeldham (Sydney), Mean Street (Auckland), Moron Says What! (Auckland), Mount Pleasant (Christchurch), Mr Hayday (Auckland), My Disco (Melbourne), Ned Collette (Melbourne), Over The Atlantic (Wellington), Ouch My Face (Melbourne), Pikelet (Melbourne), Pop Hits City (Christchurch), Rand & Holland (Sydney), Rifles (Wellington), Sickboy (Belgium), The Show is the Rainbow a.k.a. Darren Keen (Nebraska), The Sorry Entertainers (Germany), So So Modern (Wellington), Stefanimal (Dunedin), Sven Dohse (Germany), Teacups (Auckland), TFF (Dunedin), Toecutter (Sydney), Tom Watts (Wanganui), Wilburforces (Auckland)

2009 Renegade Room Line-up:

brains, Boyfriend, New Friend, Gearloose, God Bows to Math, Thugquota, Joe Blossom, The Enright House (Christchurch), Tono, FAUX (now XUAF) (London).

2012 - Homedale[edit]

2012 Official Line-Up:

Megalex, Emily Edrosa, Rites Wild, Shenandoah Davis, Wintercoats, Spring Break, No Art, Lost Rockets, Kikuyu, Forest Spirits, Kitchen's Floor, Alps, Opposite Sex, T54, Glass Vaults, Bare Grillz, Sexy Merlin, Ouch My Face, Terrible Truths, Quarks, Assassins 88, So So Modern, Golden Axe, Dead, Toecutter, Aa, Mueran Humanos, Rackets, Guerre, Tender Moonlight, Moppy, Castlecliff Lights, Brian Borcherdt, Joe Blossom, Terror of the Deep, Gutter Parties, $noregazZzm, Dance Asthmatics, Terrible Truths, Jon Lemmon, Absolute Boys, Hallowe'en, Usurper of Modern Medicine, The Shocking and Stunning, Las Tetas, Megastick Fanfare, Cool Cult, Kirin J. Callinan, The Phoenix Foundation, Forces, All Seeing Hand, Beastwars, Hawnay Troof, Poor You Poor Me, Mark McGuire, Suren Unka, Watercolours, Boxcar Rattle, Cartoon, Sleepy Age, Gutter Parties, Galapagoose, Razorwyre, Orchestra of Spheres, Numbskull, Candie Hank, Prince Rama, Bewm Babies, No Art, BAADDD, The Dan Deacon Ensemble, Publicist, All Seeing Hand, Thought Creature

2012 Renegade Room Line-Up

Austin Boyle, Project H, YMAAGTEC, Toy Ghost, Bow Arrow, Cecil & Hercules, Diving, Dicktime, Android Sex Factory, Sunken Seas, A Art, Crackhouse 5, Tiger Choir, Major Major, Foxtrot, No Way Sweden, Disco Fap, Lontalius, Sherpa, Wires, Hands That Break Hands, Headsong, Pizza Andre, Ralph, P.P. Flo, Black City Lights, Disasteradio, Snowwaves, ScotDrakula, Jetsam Isles, Scarlett Lashes, Kevin CK Lo, Monoceros, Secretive George, Fauxhound, Fantastic Sailors, Carb On Carb, Totems, Tommy Ill

2013 - Homedale, Wainuiomata, 8–10 February[edit]

2013 Official Line-Up:

Sarah Mary Chadwick, Foxtrot, Athuzela Brown, Eyeliner, Superstar, Adam Page, Alba, Lightening, Cool Rainbows, ScotDrakula, Proton Beast, Space Ventura, Caroles, Summer Flake, Lenin Lennon, Riki Gooch, The Body Lyre, Making, Sweater, Pines, Tommy Ill, Mesa Cosa, Rackets, Duck Duck Chop, Secret Knives, Suren Unka, Mere Women, PCP Eagles, All Seeing Hand, Audio Tears, Pictureplane, Scattered Brains of the Lovely Union, Huf, Seth Frightening, Tiny Ruins, Strange Harvest, Name UL, Black City Lights, Beach Pigs, Pines, Sleep ∞ Over, Totems, School Girl Report, Anthonie Tonnon, Salad Boys, No Aloha, A Dead Forest Index, Zen Mantra, Parents, Naked, Mt Eerie, Scraps, Lenin Lennon, Per Purpose, Mean Girls, The Mob, Leno Lovecraft, Summer Flake, Thee Oh Sees, Sunken Seas, Sal Valentine & the Babyshakes, Roland Tings, West Coast Bullies, Oscar Key Sung, Estère, Grayson Gilmour, Electric Fence, The Dobermen, Oscar + Martin, Carb on Carb, Psychic Maps, Snapper, Shacklock Meth Party, Die! Die! Die!, Szo Szo Modern, Dance Asthmatics, Mongo Skato

2013 Renegade Line-Up:

Cecil & Hercules, Dick Astley, BnP, boy wonderrr, Ham Sufferer, Disco Fap, No Way Sweden, Hate Box Acid, Nue Bliss, Minderbender, Harris, Project H, Sloth Leather Fetish, Tanydd, Team Ugly, Laurier, Old Mate, Opie Will Break Your Heart, Lorendz, Team Ugly, Keith! Party, Ljl Zmxvnxxg, Ralph, Rebecca Melrose, No Saliva, Mischancerie, Rupert!, Scarlett Lashes, Wires, Weave Busters Presents!, X-Ray Charles

Campus A Low Hum[edit]

2010 - Flock House, 23-25 Jan'[edit]

2010 Official Lineup:

Bandicoot, Daedelus, Dan Deacon, Dear Times Waste, Deer Park, Denim Owl, Dent May, DHDFDs, Diana Rozz, Die Die Die, The Dodos, DZ, EBGC, An Emerald City, F in Math, Flying Scribble, Frase, Gaywyre, God Bows to Math, Golden Axe, Jens Lekman, John the Baptist, Koko Nuts, Love Connection, Lucky Paul, Mild America, Monster Mash, Nevernudes, Newtown Street Justice, Orchestra of Spheres, Old Grey Wolf, Oloverly, Ouch My Face, Parking Lot Experiments, Pets with Pets, Polka Dot Dot Dot, Popstrangers, Potential Falcon, Richard Paul Alexander, Rifles, Ruby Suns, Secret Knives, Seth Frightening, Shiver Like Timber, Shocking Pinks, Signer, Surf City, The Zits, Thugquota, Tiger Tones, Toecutter, The Show is the Rainbow, Witch Hats, So So Modern, Siamese

2011 Flock House, 11-13 Feb[edit]

2011 Official Lineup:

MUSICIANS: Ten Thousand Free Men & Their Families, Alphabethead, Bachelorette, Baptism of Uzi, Beastwars, Butcher Blades, Captain Ahab, Caribou, Coasting, Coolies, CTRIX, Dear Time's Waste, Delaney Davidson, Disasteradio, Drab Doo-Riffs, Four Tet, Freddy Fudd Pucker, Ghost Wave, Glass Vaults, The Golden Awesome, Grayson Gilmour and Band, Great Earthquake, Gucci Goo, Heart Attack Alley, High Places, History of Snakes, Hold Dear, James Duncan and Chelsea Jade, Kitsunegari, Lawrence Arabia, Leno Lovecraft, Liam Finn, Lowtide, Mothers of Darkness, My Disco, NO ZU, The Nudge, Old Loaves, Orchestra of Spheres, Paper Ghost, Parking Lot Experiments, Pikachunes, Pond, Rat vs Possum, Royal Headache, Sam Hamilton, Scul Hazzards, Secret Knives, Sharpie Crows, Siamese, Spring Break, St. Rupertsberg, Street, Chant, Surf Friends, The Tantrums, Teen Hygiene, TFF, The Ocean Floor, The Trons, Thundercub, Tiger Choir, Toro Y Moi, Transcription of Organ Music, Trjaeu, Useless Children, Wet Wings, Wilberforces

ARTISTS: Sarah Jane Parton, Adam Alexander, Ann Shelton, Brydee Rood, Caroline Johnston, Claire Harris, Daniel du Bern, David Cross, Erica Sklenars and Daniel Beban, et al., Gemma Syme, Golden Axe, Lia Kent Mackillop, Matthew Gleeson, Mike Heynes, Murray Hewitt, Raewyn Martin, Ricky Allman, Ronnie Van Hout, Rebecca Kereopa, Chris Connolly, Benjamin Buchanan, Liz Allan

A Low Hum Releases[edit]

HUM001 - Ejector, The Lower You Go EP
HUM002 - Ghostplane, EP
HUM003 - A LOW HUM Issue 8, CD1
HUM004 - A LOW HUM Issue 9, CD2
HUM005 - A LOW HUM Issue 10, CD3
HUM006 - A LOW HUM Issue 11, CD4
HUM007 - A LOW HUM Issue 12, CD5
HUM008 - A LOW HUM Issue 13, CD6
HUM009 - A LOW HUM Issue 14, CD7
HUM010 - A LOW HUM Issue 15, DVD1
HUM011 - A LOW HUM Issue 16, CD8
HUM012 - A LOW HUM Issue 17, CD9
HUM014 - ALH Series 3, Issue 1 CD1 + Xanadu "Live, demos and studio recordings"
HUM015 - ALH Series 3, Issue 2 CD2 + Dead Pan Rangers "A selection of songs"
HUM016 - ALH Series 3, Issue 3 CD3 + Dana Eclair/Ghostplane "National Velvet"
HUM017 - ALH Series 3, Issue 4 CD4 + Disasteradio "Synthtease"
HUM018 - ALH Series 3, Issue 5 CD5 + Urban Tramper "Best of, So Far..."
HUM019 - ALH Series 3, Issue 6 CD6 + Looma III
HUM020 - ALH Series 3, Issue 7 CD7 + Ejector "Two Thousand and Seven"
HUM021 - ALH Series 3, Issue 8 CD8 + Enright House "Broken Hands EP"
HUM022 - ALH Series 3, Issue 9 CD9 + Dark Beaks "Spill Your Heart"
HUM023 - A Low Hum DVD3
HUM024-030 - A LOW HUM Singles Club Series 1
HUM031 - The Enright House - A Maze and Amazement, September 2007
HUM032 - Disasteradio - Visions, October 2007
HUM033 - Secret Knives - The Wolves EP, February 2008 (Digital Release only)[28]
HUM034 - Mount Pleasant - Mount Pleasant EP, September 2008 (Digital Release only)[29]
HUM035 - Red Steers - Lagaluga Lagoon EP, September 2008 (Digital Release only)[30]
HUM036 - Over the Atlantic - Dimensions, 17 November 2008[31]
HUM037 - A Low Hum 2009 Digital Sampler, 6 February 2009 (Digital Release Only)
HUM038 - Signer - Next we Bring You the Fire, 23 November 2009[32]
HUM039 - Red Steers - The Fever Fold, 26 April 2010 (Digital Release with Artwork)[30]
HUM040 - Secret Knives - Affection, 1 October 2010 (Digital Release)
HUM041 - Disasteradio - Charisma, 15 October 2010 (Digital Release)
HUM042 - Leno Lovecraft - EP #1 (Digital Release)
HUM043 - Disasteradio - Charisma (CD)
HUM044 - Disasteradio - Charisma (LP)
HUM045 - CAMP A LOW HUM - 2012 Collection (Cassette)
HUM046 - CAMP A LOW HUM - 2012 Collection (Digital)
HUM047 - Square Wave Festival - Volume 1 (Digital)
HUM048 - Square Wave Festival - Volume 2 (Digital)
HUM049 - Square Wave Festival - Volume 3 (Digital)


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