A New Beginning (video game)

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A New Beginning
New Beginning cover.jpg
Developer(s) Daedalic Entertainment
Publisher(s) Daedalic / Lace Mamba
Composer(s) Knights of Soundtrack
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X
Release date(s)
  • EU October 8, 2010
  • UK June 3, 2011[1]
Genre(s) Adventure
Mode(s) Single-player

A New Beginning is a point-and-click adventure game for Microsoft Windows. It was developed by Daedalic Entertainment and published by Lace Mamba.[2] The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic scenario, where earth has been destroyed by forces of nature.

It received independent reviews in Adventure Gamers [3] and Gaming Lives.[4] The game received an overall score of 75 at Metacritic.[5]

On December 11, 2012, the game was released on GOG.com and Steam, retitled as A New Beginning - Final Cut. It added achievements, localizations for seven languages and Mac OS X support.


The game starts in the far future. Due to ecological disasters life is only possible in caves deep under the ground. Many lifeforms and organisms have become extinct and even the human race is about to disappear. Some inventors were able to develop a time machine which uses some kind of radiocarbon dating. They now send some researchers back in time by using some sample which was made in the year 2050. Fay and her coworker arrive in a ruined San Francisco. Fay contacts the other time travelers, but they all end up in some natural disaster and most of them die. Salvador concludes their team must travel back in time to a year where ecological problems already exist, but still can be solved. In their search they find an article about Bent Svensson who invented a biofuel based upon blue algae. They also find an article how earth got partially destroyed after a nuclear reactor exploded in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. This event destroyed the rain forest causing to start a chain reaction in which the earth went into a nuclear winter. The team travels back in time. However, it turns out Bent had to go on retirement due to health issues. The project is now lead by his son Duve. Fay must convince Bent she really is from the future, the biofuel is the only solution to save the planet and the product must go in production right away. However, everyone has some reason to manipulate things for own purposes. This might fail the rescue of earth... or not.



While A New Beginning's soundtrack was primarily composed by Knights of Soundtrack, the credits list a number of additional people, who contributed music to the game. The main theme was written by Periscope Studios, Bent's Theme by André Navratil and Damian Zur. Florian Behnsen and Giliam Spliethoff contributed additional music, while serving as the game's soundtrack and sfx supervisors.[6] The musical styles displayed, range from orchestral underscore, to incidental pieces in a 1980s Europop style and lounge music.

In 2010, the soundtrack received the German Developers Award for Best Soundtrack.[7]

Track listing[edit]

All music composed by Knights of Soundtrack.

No. Title Length
1. "Not A Bright Tomorrow"   2:38
2. "The Beginning"   3:06
3. "Bent's Melancholy"   1:04
4. "Leaden Air"   4:14
5. "Secrecy"   2:12
6. "A Lonely Mission"   2:09
7. "Served With Light Snacks"   1:24
8. "Indez"   2:38
9. "It's Not Too Late"   1:45
10. "A Melancholy Return"   1:02
11. "Lazy Diamond"   2:22
12. "In The Working Mood"   1:26
13. "Atlas"   3:44
14. "The Weight Of The World"   3:00
15. "The Arrival"   1:38
16. "The Phoenix Plan"   4:20
17. "End Credits"   4:59
Total length:


The game is divided into 11 asynchronous chapters. The player controls Fay or Bent depending the situation. The player can’t switch interactively between them.

Table below is sorted how the events are shown in the game. Last column indicates the order by timeline.

Chapter Location Character to control Order by timeline
Intro At some point in far future the Phoenix plan is launched to save Earth. Fay, Salvador and some others are sent to the year 2050. - 11
Prologue Bent Svensson is doing some repair works at his log cabin in Norway when Fay arrives in a helicopter navigated by Leif 'Oggy' Oggersund. Bent 2
Leaden Air The team of Fay arrives in the year 2050 in a destroyed San Francisco. Fay tries to make contact with the other time travelers and must save some of them from death. Fay 9
A night in the Global Fay finds information about a climate conference where it was decided the nuclear power plants owned by Indez Inc are a better alternative than Dr. Svenssons’ blue algae. Salvador found out a nuclear plant of Indez exploded in Brazil. Fay convinces Salvador to once again travel back in time. She wants to go to the climate conference and convince the attendees the nuclear power plant will explode and blue algae is the only safe and green alternative. Fay 10
Rude Awakening Bent does not believe Fay. He is neither responsible anymore for the blue algae research as he retired. The company is now lead by his son Duve Bensson and he won’t listen to his father due to their bad father/son-relationship. Bent leaves his log cabin and is knocked-out by Oggy. When Bent awakens, he is in a helicopter. After he freeds himself he wants to make an emergency call over the radio. He finds the time travel machine and the photos from 2050 showing the destroyed cities. Bent is astonished and starts believing Fay. He is now told what happened at the conference. Bent 3
The Conference Reporter Leif ‘Oggy’ Oggersund is in a room not far from the building where the climate conference takes place. He witnesses how a time machine suddenly appears. With some help of Oggy, Fay finds a way to get access to the conference. It is clear Dr. Braunn, who should promote the blue algae, is not well prepared. After Fay smuggled Salvador inside, they find a way to overwhelm Dr. Braunn. A disguised Salvador sets foot on stage to give the presentation, but is unmasked. Fay still tries to convince the attendees the real Dr. Braunn is not telling the truth. Salvador decides he must prevent the nuclear explosion and travels to the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. Fay and Oggy seek out for Bent Svensson to get the blue algae. Fay 1
Atlas - Part I Fay, Bent and Oggy arrive with the helicopter at the blue algae rig, which is in the ocean far away from land. Duve Svensson is not willing to talk with his father. Today, a presentation is held for the few investors left. Bent joins and is disappointed the blue algae is only able to lit up a single lamp weakly. He tries to figure out what happened. According Duve, the presenter and a lab technician this algae sample is their most powerful and Bent only imagined he discovered a powerful energy source. In meantime Fay made connection with the other time travelers and is told the rig will shortly close due to a series of industrial accidents. Fay and Bent go on investigation and find out the accidents were a set up. After they can prove this, the wrongdoer goes even further. He now places a bomb on one of the towers. Bent is able to disarm the bomb, but meanwhile the wrongdoer set the blue algae farms on fire. Fay and Bent alternating 4
Atlas - Part II Fay and Bent run to the farms and notice all algae samples are destroyed. Bombs are placed everywhere by a certain Kellerman. He acts on behalf of Indez inc. Indez inc. just bought over the rig and the new owners decided not to invest anymore in the blue algae. Kellerman still got two samples of the most powerful algae. He locks Fay and Bent up in a bunker and uses one sample to lock the door. They can escape but are again stopped by Kellerman who locks them up in another bunker together with Duve. The bombs explode not much later and the bunker sinks. Bent knows much about physics and by replacing the water by H2, the bunker goes upwards. Once above the water, Oggy picks them up with his helicopter. Fay and Bent alternating 5
Bent Svensson is dead Kellerman told he will bring his blue algae sample to the nuclear plant in Brazil, so that’s where Oggy, Duve, Fay and Bent travel to. Once in Brazil, they rent a car and drive to the nuclear plant. The road ends in the middle of the jungle next to a little bar and harbor owned by Indez. It turns out the last 2 miles can only be done over the water by using a boat. According the bar keeper the boat in the harbor is broken and no other will depart today. As the nuclear explosion will occur in the afternoon, Bent must convince the boat’s guard he is a technician who came to fix the boat. The captain is not willing to sail. Oggy and Duve try to get him drunk so they can steal the keys. Fay tells Bent if the explosion can be stopped, the future will change. She might never be born in the new timeline. This causes a time paradox and she might just disappear when operation Phoenix succeeds. Meanwhile, Kellerman is at Indez inc. and tells his story to the director. Both are sure Fay, Duve and Bent are dead due to drowning. Bent and Fay alternating 6
The Phoenix Plan Fay and Bent arrive at the nuclear plant. Duve and Oggy were captured by Kellerman and locked up. Fay finds a way to retrieve the blue algae. Bent finds Duve and Oggy. Salvador was also caught. Bent is able to release all three of them. Salvador kills Kellerman. Salvador now reveals the real intentions of the Phoenix plan: there was never a nuclear explosion. The ecological problems in their time is the result of pollution over hundreds and hundreds of years. Mankind just did not take their responsibility to find a solution for ecological problems. The Phoenix Plan is meant to explode a nuclear reactor in the rainforest so it would be destroyed. Only after such a catastrophe mankind will realize they must invest in clean and green energy sources. It is also revealed the current year is 1984. The time travelers were never in 2050, but even some hundreds of years further in future. Fay and Bent notices if the Phoenix Plan continuous, the consequences might be even worse. Fay can stop the meltdown of the reactor by releasing the steam. She and Salvador are boiled to death. Indez says to Bent nothing has changed: the nuclear power plants are still running and there is neither more interest in the blue algae. He concludes: two men cannot change the world. However, due to Fay's interaction at the conference, the committee started to keep an eye on Indez inc. Bent and Fay alternating 7
Epilogue The story moves to some location where 2 persons are watching some TV-show: Author Leif Oggersund promotes his last novel "A New Beginning". It's about time travelers who come from a far future. They want to blow up a nuclear plant in 1984 hoping this will cause such a catastrophe mankind will look for alternative energy sources. The 2 viewers are now revealed: they are Bent and Duve in the lab doing research together on the blue algae. Bent makes the remark Leif makes huge profits with his book but is also promoting the blue algae with a story they were all in. - 8

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