A Room for Romeo Brass

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A Room for Romeo Brass
UK Theatrical Poster
Directed by Shane Meadows
Produced by George Faber
Written by Paul Fraser,
Shane Meadows
Starring Andrew Shim
Ben Marshall
Paddy Considine
Vicky McClure
Music by Nick Hemming
Cinematography Ashley Rowe
Edited by Paul Tothill
Distributed by Alliance Atlantis Communications (Canada)
Release dates
23 August 1999 (UK)
Running time
Country United Kingdom
Language English

A Room for Romeo Brass is a 1999 British comedy drama film directed and written by Shane Meadows. It was co-written by frequent Meadows collaborator Paul Fraser. Filming began in September 1998.

The film stars Andrew Shim as Romeo Brass, Ben Marshall as Gavin Woolley and Paddy Considine as Morell. It marked the screen debut of Considine, who went on to star in Meadows' 2004 film, Dead Man's Shoes. It was nominated in three categories at the 1999 British Independent Film Awards.


The film follows two 12-year-old boys; Romeo and his best friend Gavin. Gavin has a serious spinal problem for which he has to undergo surgery. The story follows them as they undergo a tumultuous period in their childhood. After saving them from a beating, Morell befriends the two boys and takes a liking to Romeo's older sister, Ladine Brass. However, when Gavin plays a practical joke on Morell to make him look foolish in front of Ladine, things turn sour for the pair. In retaliation, Morell attempts to drive a wedge between the two best friends in order to keep them apart thus ensuring he stays close to Romeo and Ladine. But when Ladine rejects Morell's advances he becomes increasingly violent towards Romeo, Gavin, and all around them.




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