A Slice of Reality

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A Slice of Reality
Slice of a ship
Artist Richard Wilson
Year 2000 (2000)
Material Ship
Location London
Coordinates 51°30′15″N 0°00′01″W / 51.504147°N 0.0003°W / 51.504147; -0.0003Coordinates: 51°30′15″N 0°00′01″W / 51.504147°N 0.0003°W / 51.504147; -0.0003

A Slice of Reality is a work of modern art by Richard Wilson sitting by (and commissioned for) the Millennium Dome on the north-western bank of the Greenwich Peninsula. It consists of a sliced vertical section through the former sand dredger Arco Trent and exposes portions of the former living quarters of the vessel to the elements (such as a visible pool table in the lower decks).[1][2]


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