A Small Favor

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A Small Favor Series
Developer(s) Jay "Zeebarf" Ziebarth
Publisher(s) Newgrounds
Platform(s) Mac, Linux, Windows
Release date(s) 12 May 2009 (A Small Favor)
26 August 2009 (Another Small Favor)
Genre(s) Adventure - Point-and-click
Mode(s) Single-player

The first game in the Small Favor Series, A Small Favor, came out at the start of 2009 and was created by Jay "Zeebarf" Ziebarth. In this game a nameless assassin takes on a mission to eliminate a prominent Senator in a distant alien galaxy. This game requires skill and cunning as your actions at the start of the game affect the ending. The second game in the series,Another Small Favor,came out in late 2009 and has many more favors and much more to do around this fantasy world.



The plot of this online game series is an assassin who aims to complete his missions at all costs but also wishes to get an identity for himself. He lives in this fantasy world with strange alien-like creatures that he likes to collect favors from.

In the first game of this series the assassin is given a mission to eliminate a prominent Senator. This game has several different ways to play it which all achieve the same ending, unless of course you make it impossible to finish because if you do this you will be forced to restart by being killed by an android. In this game you start working for a mysterious creature called The Worm. Your first mission is to kill Milos, another strange creature in this game, to do this you must find a way of getting rid of his bodyguard and getting your gun working again. When you reach milos you face a choice you can obey The Worm and kill Milos or you can betray The Worm and start to work for Milos. Either way you gain access to Building #9 and from there you make your way to Senator Lobe by stealing somebody else's identity. In this came there are four favors you can complete: retrieving a briefcase, killing the bodyguard, eliminating a trader and making a baby doll.