A Wave, a WAC and a Marine

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A Wave, a WAC and a Marine
Directed by Phil Karlson
Written by Hal Fimberg (original screenplay)
Distributed by Monogram Pictures
Release dates 7 October 1944
Running time 70 min.
Country United States
Language English

A Wave, a WAC and a Marine is an American 1944 musical comedy film directed by Phil Karlson (his directorial debut) for low-budget Monogram Pictures.

Less the wartime comedy promised by the title than an inside-Hollywood story interrupted by musical numbers, Sally Eilers runs a talent agency and sets out to put a couple of Broadway stars under contract. Her bumbling employee (Henny Youngman) signs their understudies instead.

One of the film's listed producers, Sebastian Cristillo, was actually the father of comedian Lou Costello. Costello himself produced the film, but as a gesture to his father--a diehard movie fan, who used the family's actual last name--he listed his dad as a producer so he could see his own name on the screen. The other listed producer, Edward Sherman, was Costello's manager.


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