A quien corresponda

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A quien corresponda
Martín Caparrós - A quien corresponda.jpeg
Author Martín Caparrós
Country Argentina
Language Spanish
Published Editorial Anagrama, Barcelona, 2008
Pages 319
ISBN 978-84-339-7169-2
OCLC 257566856
LC Class PQ7798.13.A57 A62 2008

A quien corresponda (To Whom it may Concern) is an Argentine novel, written by Martín Caparrós. It was first published in 2008.[1] The book is a combination of anecdotes, stories, and situations recalled by the protagonist, Carlos "el Gallego"(the Galician), in order to remember his partner, who was assassinated by the Argentinian military during the National Reorganization Process.[1]


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